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PCH Has Awarded Prizes in All 50 States!

Hey, PCH Fans! Some of you may know me as Matt “The Stats Man” Kelly from the Inside PCH weekly live video show, but did you know I’m a Prize Patrol Deputy as well? In fact, later this week I’ll be hitting the road to surprise a lucky winner, so watch our social media accounts for more information!

Yes, I’ve been all over this great big country delivering prizes when the Prize Patrol asks me to help out, and one question I get on the road is “are there winners from my state?” Well the answer is YES, and it’s truly astounding. We’ve had winners in every single state!

More than half of our states are home to PCH SuperPrize winners, and more and more states are added to that list every year!

Some people seem to think that “no one from my state ever wins,” but that’s just not the truth! We have winners from every single state. Have you seen the videos with my colleague Eve Fish, the PCH Winnerologist? Check this out!

Every prize day, she gives out localized winning information that spotlights winners from all over the country. These aren’t made-up statistics, these are real winners who get to walk away with cold hard cash! So, don’t ask yourself any more “are there winners from my state?” Now you know the answer!

I hope this information gives you inspiration to keep entering. Real people really win, and they can come from the Northeast, Southwest, and anywhere in between! And not only do winners come from every state, but they come from all kinds of homes, are all different ages, and have every type of background you could possibly imagine! Why we’ve even had winners in Puerto Rico and Canada!

And that’s what is so great about the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Since anyone, from anywhere can win, it means people everywhere can dream big. Everyone in every state can enter PCH and legitimately think, “my entry is just as good as the next one. I have the same chance as everyone else who is entering this. Why not me?”

Yes, indeed … why not you? Enter to win now!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – What’s something else in your life that maybe you thought was impossible, but you realized was truly a possibility? Tell us in the comments below to inspire your fellow PCH fans!

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  1. Show the moments of a winner at PUerto Rico and the photo as you do in other states it will be a honor to see who has won here at my beautiful island of PR since for
    More than hen 25 years I have been entering never have won and it’s been daily and you can see it in your pages Never have won Never si it’s not lack of faith I have been a loyal fan of PCH now am 70!years probably at 100 year will be the date ,