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With 1 Week Until Prize Day, Where Will The Winner Be Found?

With just one week to go until prize day and Wayne Brady encouraging everyone to enter for a shot at winning $7,000 A Week for Life , I took a shot at rewriting the famous childhood poem, “Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone?” by Philadelphia-born songwriter and owner of an all-time great name, Septimus Winner.

Oh where, oh where will the winner be found?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
With the Prize Patrol and payments for life
Oh where, oh where can they be?

Are you out there, PCH millionaire? Are you ready to win on December 21? Are you still taking advantage of every opportunity to enter? We hope so, because when the “special early look” prize event happens one week from today, we want to make sure you have every opportunity to hear your name announced as the new lifetime winner from Publishers Clearing House. (Even if the matching winning number hasn’t been timely returned, we will still award a HUGE $1 Million prize in a second chance random drawing among all timely eligible entrants.)

Get your entries in for a shot at winning $7,000 A Week for Life on Dec. 21!

As fellow PCH blogger Matt Kelly recently pointed out, PCH has awarded prizes in all 50 states– as well as Canada and Puerto Rico! And with everything I’ve learned about the Prize Patrol during the past few years, it seems there’s hardly an address they can’t find. Towering apartment building in the city? Check! Farm out in the boondocks? Yep, check that too! An adobe hut in the desert? Well, I’m not sure they’ve tackled that one yet, but if that’s where the winner can be found, then that’s where the Prize Patrol will go.

Take a minute and think about just how much winning $7,000 A Week for Life  could change your life – literally – overnight. Imagine going to bed on December 20 as just an ordinary person with everyday issues like bills, rent, groceries, gasoline, and more. And the next day, everything could be different with just one knock on the door. You could be handed a “big check” – along with a smaller one you actually can cash – and your money troubles vanish in a thought. Now, that’s one heckuva holiday present! Plus, it’s the gift that could keep on giving for the rest of your life.

Come Monday, two things definitely are for sure – there will be a winner and the Prize Patrol will find them! Now, we just have to wait and see just who that winner is and where they will be found. Will it be you? Remember, there’s still time to enter!!!

Russell S.

P.S. Where will the Prize Patrol find the next SuperPrize winner? Give us your best guess in the “Comments” below!

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  1. Roy, I think y’all looking for me, I did live in Bloomingdale Ga, I moved from there awhile ago, I lived there in Sept 2020.