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The $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize is Guaranteed!

As the Seven (so far!) bona-fide PCH winners above will tell you, the PCH “Forever” Prize is the real deal. We absolutely guarantee to award another one — our eighth in under seven years! —next month, on February 28th. Yes, that’s the day someone will win $5,000 A Week For Life, with prize payments continuing after that for the lifetime of someone the winner names!

All of our “Forever” Prize Winners knew the “secret to winning” — and took advantage!

The Secret to Winning any prize at PCH, of course, is to just keep on sending in your entries, no matter what! Our “Forever” Prize Winner #5, Ora Gayton, advises, Just keep playing. That’s all you got to do! You can’t give up … you got to keep on going! And Doug Butcher, “Forever” Prize Winner #7, had been entering our Sweepstakes so faithfully for so many years, he said he already knew that he would win!

Are you ready to win our 8th Guaranteed “Forever” Prize?

Imagine, if you become our winner on February 28th, you’d receive a $5,000 check every single week, for as long as you live. You’d say “goodbye” to debt and have the financial security to live life to the fullest!  And after that, you’d be able to leave a financial legacy of weekly $5,000 checks for the lifetime someone you love. Don’t you want to win?

Do what it takes NOW to win our Guaranteed $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize in weeks.

Starting today, why not start the good habit of activating an entry every day for this tremendous life-changing prize. (You never know which entry will could turn out to be a match for the winner.) There are so many fun, fast, easy ways to fire up an entry at So c’mon: NO EXCUSES.

But don’t take MY advice; take it from Tamar Howard, our PCH “Forever” Prize Winner #3: “Keep entering! Because I did not give up on that, even though a lot of people did not believe it was true.”

Good luck!

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  1. #5 #19500pch enter to the $5,000.00 a week for life for ever and prize is guaranteed a winner April 30,/2023.