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I Received A Check From PCH. Is It Real?

As you know, PCH gives away much more than our big millionaire-making SuperPrizes! That’s right, we award lots of smaller cash prizes each and every day to lucky winners across the country, and the number keeps on growing!

Even though we award our SuperPrize winners live and IN PERSON – not over the phone or via email or social media – for the most part, some smaller PCH prize checks are sometimes sent via overnight delivery service using UPS and Fed-Ex – as well as standard U.S. Postal delivery service. So it’s not surprising that one of our blog readers commented the other day and said: I received a check from PCH. Is it real?

Know How To Recognize The Real Deal!

Yes, it’s only natural to be somewhat skeptical when you receive a check from PCH. Especially when there are people out there waiting to take advantage of those unsuspecting consumers.  Our goal is to prepare you so that you may recognize and avoid sweepstakes scams at all cost! And the number one way to know the difference between a REAL PCH prize check and a FAKE PCH prize check is this ….

Warning Sign: You Are Told You Need To Send Money To Claim Your Prize Money!

At PCH the winning is always FREE, so we would never request payment of any kind!   Remember:  You NEVER have to pay to win a PCH prize. The REAL Publishers Clearing House awards YOU the money, no strings attached. We would NEVER ask you to pay some kind of fee or tax in order to claim a prize, whether through the mail, email, telephone, or any other kind of communication.

And you can take that to the bank!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. On January 11, 2024, I received a check from PCH in the amount of $9,830.50. I was to deposit this check and call a number in Shervrpot LA or a number in Onterio, CA.. I was then to call back and set up a date for delivery of my $2,500,000.00 check. The name on the check was from ‘Bridgecrest Acceptance Corp, in Tempe, AZ.’ This company is an auto loan company. I spoke with the Mgr and told them they are being used in a scam. I also talked to my bank manager who in turn called Wells Fargo Bank which the check was drawn on, and of course the check was no good. Richie Jenkins was listed as ‘Chief Offical Officer’ on the letter I received with said check. I just worry about all the people that believe this is real an in turn loose everything they have. I am 75 y/o an have worked in the legal field for years, but always goggle/check anything I receive in the mail. This really looks official, but knew it was not. I have taken letter and check an turned it over the my local Sheriff’s Office whom will then forward to the correct department for further investigation. Thank you,
    Just FYI.