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PCH Supports National Consumer Protection Week!

This week is National Consumer Protection Week, and in recognition of this nationwide campaign, Publishers Clearing House is working hard to help keep our fans safe from scammers. As you know, protecting our fans is something we take very seriously at Publishers Clearing House – not just during National Consumer Protection Week, but all year long. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you all to BEWARE of scams posing as legitimate sweepstakes that ask you to send money.

Here are our Top 3 Scam Safety Tips to help keep you safe:

Scam Safety Tip #1: At PCH the Winning is ALWAYS Free!
Many scammers will tell consumers or fans they’ve won a prize, and then ask for payment of some sort – such as wiring them money or purchasing a pre-paid card in order to claim their prize. Some scam artists may send out real looking checks in an attempt to get you to send money. DO NOT fall for these scams. If you are being asked to send or wire money, or purchase a pre-paid card in order to claim a ‘prize award,’ you have not heard from the real PCH and you are being SCAMMED!


Scam Safety Tip #2: The PCH Prize Patrol NEVER Contacts Fans Through Social Media!

Scammers will use any means available to reach their intended targets – including telephone, mail, email, Instagram and Twitter. Scammers will even send fake “friend requests” on Facebook, using the names of actual PCH employees – like Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane or Deborah Holland – to deceive consumers and fans.

Please understand: contacting fans through social media is something that the real PCH NEVER, EVER does.

Scam Safety Tip #3: Never Post your Personal Information Online!
Remember: Millions of people have access to what you post on social media. To keep you safe from unscrupulous individuals, please … DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION online. This includes your home address, your telephone number, your Social Security number, and personal information about yourself or family members.

Here at PCH, the safety and security of our fans, friends and customers is a top priority – not only during National Consumer Protection Week, but all the time. Please: be smart, be safe, be protected. If you or someone you know believes they have been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the name of Publishers Clearing House, please report it immediately using our Scam Incident Report.

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. I have had several scammers, I can believe I caved into two. One got $200 and one got $300. My car note. One wants more money on Monday, says then PCH will be here in an hour. He isn’t getting it. He claimed to be Sayer. Really nice, hard to believe is is scammer but my answer will be no. He calls me three times a day to check on me, scary huh?

    1. Hi Linda, we’re very sorry to hear the scammers are bothering you. It’s important to remember that PCH does not contact winners of a major prize via phone, text, email, mail, or on Social Media. Also, if anyone asks you for money for any reason to claim a prize, you can be sure they’re a scammer. Please don’t give them any money, or any personal information! You can report them to us at this link: We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers here: Stay safe!