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Which Big Check Would You Choose — Shopping Spree or Vacation?

Hey there, friends and fans! 

Of course you know about the big PCH SuperPrize…we awarded $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” just weeks ago, and at the April, we’re looking for a winner of $7,000.00 A Week For Life! But did you know that PCH awards other prize — including these multi-millionaire making fortunes — all the time! In fact, just last week, Danielle and Howie went to award a $10,000.00 winner! 

Since we’re sure to have another winner soon, let’s start thinking about how you would spend it if you won! Let’s say the Prize Patrol came to your door and told you that you had won $10,000.00 for a shopping spree or the same amount for a vacation, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? 

The Shopping Spree!

Anyone who may have read my past blogs will know that I’m something of a shopaholic, so you can guess I have quite the fondness for a shopping spree. I bet you can imagine how fun a $10,000.00 shopping spree would be! 

The cool thing about a shopping spree is that it’s not just limited to clothing…think of everything you can buy! I’d be able to spend a small fortune in a bookstore in about a half hour, and depending on what your interests are, I’m sure you could do the same elsewhere! Music lovers out there would certainly get what they need for instruments, car lovers would have the smoothest parts in town, and so on!

Whatever you like, you’d be able to make a real high-quality investment in your passions, be that fashion, sports, literature, music, art, cars, or anything else!

The Vacation

On the other hand, vacations can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and what a way to follow up a big win? What’s the wildest, most exciting destination you can image? In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Weasley Family won 700 Galleons (roughly $3,400.00) and spent the money on a family vacation to Egypt, so think of what you could do with $10,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House?

Vacations can also be so very varied! If you’re like me, you want an active vacation — going on tours, seeing museums, experiencing the local culture…I even went ice climbing once! But you can also just live in the lap of luxury for a week or more at your own private villa at a beach in Hawaii or Aruba! 

Maybe you’d rather spend time with your friends and families drinking wine under the Tuscan sun, maybe you’d be on safari in Africa…but with $10,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House, the options are bountiful.  

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!

Let’s remember the most important thing with Publishers Clearing House: you can’t win if you don’t enter! You can enter to win so many sweepstakes at every single day, so if you want to move beyond the realm of the fantasy and take a vacation like the Weasleys in Harry Potteror go on a shopping spree like me every Black Friday, be sure to enter every single day!

Our next big winner could be YOU!

So…which PCH Big Check would YOU choose? And how would you spend it after you chose? Tell us in the comments below!

Will F.
PCH Creative

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