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Prize Day Is Tomorrow. ARE YOU READY TO WIN?

It’s nearly here! In fact, Prize Day is happening TOMORROW!

It’s an exciting time around our headquarters, because we’re all dying to find out where the Prize Patrol is going to go … and what the winner’s reaction will be on Pay Day!

But what about you? What are you thinking about tomorrow? As Matt The Stats Man, I figured I’d take it upon myself to share with you the TOP FIVE THINGS you should be thinking about during Prize Day!

ONE – All Of Your Timely Entries Are In The Running!

If you are a long time PCH entrant or even a recent friend of Publishers Clearing House, you know that every entry into our sweepstakes has an equal chance at being selected as the winner! You should feel good about all of the timely entries of yours we have at PCH!

TWO – The Prize Patrol Is Ready!

The Prize Patrol is packed and ready to go! Their ultimate destination can’t be revealed here (I’m not even sure if they know where it is yet!), but they are prepared for any possibility on pay day! Whether you live on a mountain top, the countryside, or tucked away in a city apartment, the Prize Patrol would be able to find you … if you were the winner!

THREE – Practice Your Best Reaction!

We’ve seen all sorts of great winner reactions on Prize Day over the years. From sobbing to yelling to stunned silence, it has all run the gamut. And there’s no one way to react to winning a huge SuperPrize, it’s different for everybody! So what would your reaction be? Practice by opening your door and imagining the Prize Patrol right there! Then think … what would you do? Tell us in the comments below!

FOUR – Dream Big!

Someone’s life is going to change … will it be yours? I think one of the best ways to spend Prize Day is to daydream about how your life would be different! Would you pay off your home? Go on a lavish vacation? Pay for someone’s college? I’ve heard plenty of stories from our winners, and it’s great to see how this windfall has impacted their lives. What would YOU do?

FIVE – Keep Entering!

Of course, the entering to win doesn’t need to end today. Even if you’re not the lucky recipient of tomorrow’s big giveaway, you can always qualify for future drawings! So keep entering every chance you get while you hope to hear that knock on your door. The more you play at PCH, the more chances you have of winning. Keep it up!

Congrats in advance to all of our Prize Day winners, and if you’re one of them, let us know in the comments below!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

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  1. Oh my Goodness, this looks like a extremely amazing and beautiful day just around the corner! I am so happy and thankful for having a beautiful moment in my lifetime to share and help others!
    Thanks to you one and all!
    God Bless you !!

  2. GOSH, I hope and pray it’s my turn tomorrow, I’ve been playing and praying everyday for about 29 yrs now so. COME ON PRIZE PATROL!!! IM IN IT TO WIN IT AND IF I DONT HAPPEN TO BE THE WINNER TOMORROW WELL CONGRATS TO WHO EVER IS oh P.S. Prize Patrol God bless u for changing someone’s life for a DREAM COME TRUE!