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Are You Following PCH on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? We are!

We recently hit 50,000 followers and if you’re not one of them, go follow us now!

There are so many benefits to following our Instagram, like special messages from the Prize Patrol! Check out Danielle thanking our Instagram followers for helping us to hit 50K!

By the way, we have 54.1K followers now! Yes, our following is growing pretty fast and you’re probably wondering why. Well, it’s simple, we’re cool people that give away money for free. It doesn’t get much better than that. Also, if you’re a loyal PCH fan and you like animals, our memes are going to crack you up!

We post winning moment videos! It’s not just about staying updated. Bring positivity and good vibe to your feed with all our wonderful PCH winners. Who knows, maybe the winner that we’re posting next could be you!

See all our lucky winners and find out where they are from!

Also, the Prize Patrol is a team of selfie bosses so don’t miss out of their amazing smiles!

Instagram is also the place to find out what’s happening at the PCH Headquarters!

That’s not all! We also have games! One our favorites is “Find the PCH Logo”. Look at the picture below … can YOU spot the PCH logo, and how long did it take? Tell us in the comments section! It took me like two minutes to find the logo, don’t laugh at me!!!

You can find all this great content on our Instagram page!

Honestly, we just loving staying in contact with our amazing fans like you. We want to interact with you, we want to know how you’re doing, and of course, we want you to WIN!

So, follow us now!

Your Girl,
Tamara G
PCH Creative Intern

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