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May Was A Month to Play and Win at PCH Play&Win

What can you say about the month of May? Kids all over the country look forward to the end of school and the start of summer, while their moms also get a special day of celebration. May also happens to be National Bicycle Month – a personal favorite of mine. And May’s birthstone – the emerald – is inspirational for PCH fans from coast to coast as the vibrant green stone is emblematic of love and success. After all, who wouldn’t love to win cash and prizes from Publishers Clearing House?!

Fortunately for PCH fans, there are so many opportunities to play and win every month that there’s – literally – no end to the prizes awarded to those who play to win every day at PCH.

There’s a whole lot of people playing PCHlotto for free every day and every night. And a lot of them are winning. Just see for yourself!

The first place you should visit every day could be the first place you win. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to enter and play with PCHfrontpage – just like these winners did!

Keno is one of the fastest-growing, casino-style games and the ability to win big is just one reason why. Our fans are hip to this and already are reaping the rewards of playing PCHkeno.

The App is where it’s at! Check out some of the winners who know just what we’re talking about.

Slots are the most popular of all casino games – and they’re even more popular when you can play for free!

What was the second band from Liverpool (after The Beatles) to chart a #1 hit in the United States? A simple search reveals it was The Searchers! PCH also has searchers, and their rewards could far exceed that of a gold record.

In fact, take a look at what people won in May!

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PCH fans are playing and winning every month, so why not you?! Just keep going to your favorite pages and playing your favorite games. Want a little hint? Prizes are awarded all day long, so just because one person won in the morning doesn’t mean there aren’t more opportunities to win throughout the day.

So, my advice is to keep playing! You can keep going for a cash win, building your token balance, and hoping to end up on next month’s winners list.

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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