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Design Your Own Millionaire Dream Home Now!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been planning my dream home for as long as I can remember. Of course, the dream has changed over time. The older I get the more I realize that I’m not very interested in cleaning. So, my dream home got more and more realistic, but the location of my dream home definitely did not. Yup, my dream home comes with a view! Tell me about your dream home in the comments below!

If you had $1.25 million just to build your millionaire dream home, what would it look like? Is your dream home extravagant with high ceilings and beautiful drapery? Or is it flashy: will you have shimmering chandeliers and crystal décor? According to my birthday (see the fun chart below), my millionaire dream home will be stunning and guess what … it’ll have a built-in spa! There’s nothing I love better than a relaxing evening at home. How would your millionaire dream home look according to your birthday? Check out the chart below and let me know!

What will your millionaire dream home look like according to your birthday?

Was your birthday this month? Then your dream home is gorgeous! If your birthday’s in June, then it’s extravagant – maybe it looks like the house below with an urban design. Maybe you’re a November baby, so you house is exquisite and has a private beach or even a home theater! Wow! How can this dream become a reality? Well I know of one possible way. Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of PCH’s 1.25 million dollar prize!

I’m sure you could use some extra money to build or buy your dream home, or even renovate the home you have now. Well then, test your luck! Enter for a chance to win $1.25 million for you dream home. $1.25 million could get you the home of your childhood or adult dream!

Come on, you deserve your millionaire dream home and this is your chance!

Your girl,
Tamara G
PCH Creative Intern

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