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Need Weekend Summer Vacation Ideas? Try PCHSearch&Win!

Hey there, friends and fans! Happy Friday and Happy Summer Solstice!

One of the best parts of summer is the vacations: time to spend in a new location in the sun, with the whole family able to go because the kids are out of school. However, between having a job and the expenses of traveling, full vacation planning isn’t always possible…but that doesn’t mean you and your family don’t deserve a nice weekend summer vacation!

Reducing the logistical difficulties and financial burden of a week (or longer) vacation, a weekend summer vacation allows you to take a getaway without too much hassle! That just leaves you with having to find the spot for your next getaway! And where’s a better place to look than PCHSearch&Win?

Just like any other search engine, when you visit PCHSearch&Win, you’ll type in what you’re looking for: “weekend vacations near me,” “affordable places to stay for a long weekend,” or even just “weekend summer vacation.” After that, you’d see your search results, and you’d be able to start perusing options.

As an added bonus, by searching with PCHSearch&Win, with your first search of the day, you’ll get in to win $25,000.00 A Month For Life, ready for award June 30th during our Special Early Look Prize Event (that is right around the corner!). Someone is definitely going to become a millionaire very soon – why not you? Even if the matching winning number ISN’T returned in time, we guarantee to award a lucky someone One Million Dollars in a second chance drawing. That’s enough money for plenty of travel!

What Else Will You Search For?

When you’re planning a weekend summer vacation, there’s more to search for than where to go! You’re going to want to find activities in the area, local restaurants and bars, directions on how to get there, the best place to stay, a good playlist for the trip (might I recommend the complete works of Taylor Swift), and more!

The good news is you can use PCHSearch&Win to find all of that, too! Anything you think you need to know, type it into the search bar, and click on the results that come up to find the information you’re looking for!

Even when you’ve got a lot of the details mapped out automatically, fleshing out your trip will help make it more enjoyable! For example, I’ve got a friend who lives up in Boston who I’ve been meaning to visit for quite some time now. It’s a perfect weekend summer vacation from New York: a relatively short trip, I’ve got accommodations at my friend’s apartment, and recommendations for things to do…but I can still use PCHSearch&Win to find restaurants I want to try, museums I want to visit, and shows I want to see!

With the power of the internet’s premiere search engine for winning at your disposal, you’re sure to be able to plan the perfect weekend summer vacation! And if you’re selected the big winner on June 30th, your vacation could be for a lot more than a weekend, so there is literally no downside to searching!

Here’s hoping Summer 2019 is your best summer yet! Happy searching!

Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Where do you want to go this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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