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Fire Up The BBQ Grill! It’s Almost The 4th Of July!

Do you know what we love more than making our fans winners at this time of the year?

Well, here at PCH Headquarters in New York, around the 4th of July, it’s time for sunscreen and BBQs! Okay, okay, maybe we don’t love sunscreen as much as we love our fans or BBQs, but we found a way to bring all the things we love together!

On PCHSearch&Win you can search for all the BBQ tips you need, and even the best sunscreen for your skin type, all while improving your chances of winning! YES, YOU HEARD RIGHT! With your first search of the day on PCHSearch&Win you are entered to win our big Superprize. But that’s not all. There are multiple prizes awarded each day, too!

So, whether you are looking for the perfect outdoor grill or the perfect recipe, PCHSearch&Win has your back!

In fact, I checked it out myself because my entire family is getting together for a BBQ at the park on the 4th of July. I’m looking for some fantastic staple recipes. If you have any great recipes help me out by sharing them in the comment section. I checked out PCHSearch&Win and found some recipes that both the adults and children will love.

RIBS – A real grill master knows how to create some mouthwatering barbecue ribs. I found a lot of recipes on PCHSearch&Win, but I would love to know what rib recipes you use. Let me know in the comments below. Meanwhile, I’ll search online for shops to buy the perfect pork spareribs!

CORN – If there is no corn at the BBQ I will not be there! I found a tasty corn cobette recipe with basil butter and some cayenne pepper to spice things up. If you want to maximize your grill, I also found a great Charred Corn Salad recipe which you can easily find on PCHsearch&win. Say no to boring-same-old corn this 4th of July!

POTATO SALAD – What is a BBQ without some good ole potato salad with rich mayonnaise, thinly sliced celery and onion. What about some sugar, do you add sugar to your potato salad? I always do. What about hard-boiled eggs? Not everyone likes eggs in their potato salad, but it’s become a tradition in my family.

BURGERS & HOTDOGS – Looking for another chance to throw something on the grill? How about homemade burger patties and some hotdog sausages! Find great patty recipes on PCHSearch&Win and cool ways to dress up your hotdogs!

Let me know if you have found any great recipes on PCHSearch&Win and what your 4th of July menu looks like!

Happy Early 4th of July!!

Your Girl,
Tamara G
PCH Creative Intern

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