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Behind The Scenes On Award Day: Who Is the $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 Prize Winner?

Hello again, fans and friends! Do you know what today is?  Well, it could be your lucky day if you’ve been entering to win our exciting $10,000.00 PCHlotto Pick 4 event prize. Have you completed your PCHlotto cards? I sure hope so! Because today someone out there will become a BIG cash winner! And the PCH Prize Patrol is on the road again to make a lucky winner’s dream come true!

That’s right. Today the Prize Patrol is going to surprise one very lucky winner with a check for ten thousand smackers!

A check for $10,000.00 could mean some real nice changes in a winner’s life – like a kitchen makeover, the opportunity to pay off medical bills or student loans, or maybe a luxury vacation.

So, while you dream about becoming today’s $10,000 PCHlotto Pick 4 winner, we’ll be going behind the scenes and posting clues as to the Prize Patrol’s whereabouts! Can you guess where the Prize Patrol will be today?


The winner’s state has no major league baseball or football team.


The winner’s state was admitted to the union during the second half of the 19th Century.

CLUE 3. 

The winner’s state is home to the biggest indoor rainforest in the United States.

CLUE 4. 

The winner’s state is where Arbor Day first began.


CONGRATULATIONS to Camille Himmelberg of Lincoln, Nebraska, who won an incredible $10,000.00!  Camille normally would have been at work at a textbook distribution company but decided to take off today, and we were glad she did! Several cars passing by stopped to take video with their cell phones and exclaimed they could not believe what was happening, and congratulated Camille. She was completely stunned and it took quite a while for her winnings to sink in. She said this is an early birthday present as her birthday is next week. Camille had been entering for almost 20 years and this is the first time she has won anything. In need of a new car for a long time, Camille said this will go towards a new vehicle immediately. Her boyfriend and several friends had teased her for entering, and she said she couldn’t wait to throw it in their face that she had finally won . Camille and her boyfriend will go out to dinner tonight to celebrate.

We’re so excited to make another PCH winner’s dreams come true. Stay in it to win it, and perhaps someday soon, your dreams will come true, too!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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