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Are You Making the Most of Your PCH Tokens?

See Who Won What in August With the PCHrewards Token Exchange!!!

Publishers Clearing House is all about winning! And one of the ways more people get in on the winning every month is with the PCHrewards Token Exchange. In case you’re not already familiar with the Token Exchange, it’s an ever-changing gallery of giveaways that enables PCH fans to redeem the tokens they’ve won entering PCH contests and playing PCH games for cash, gift cards, and other valuable prizes.

When you see the list of August’s Token Exchange winners, chances are you’re going to see a prize or two that makes you think, “Hey, I want to win that!” That’s great, because the Token Exchange never runs out of prizes to give away and there is – literally – something for everyone.

OK, let’s get to the fun stuff! Here are some of the amazing PCH fans who redeemed tokens during August and made the month a winning one with the PCHrewards Token Exchange!

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PCH appreciates and thanks all of its fans for participating in the giveaways available at the PCHrewards Token Exchange and we’re always thrilled to celebrate the winners! Now, don’t be shy! If you see something you want at the Token Exchange, then take a chance (or two or 200 – you can choose how many entries you want) and redeem your tokens for free entries today!

Good luck winning what you want!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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  1. I have been entering PCH contests since the early 70’s when they mailed offers where you pasted enclosed stickers to order magazines. When they went online, my original e-mail name earned me hundreds of millions of tokens before it stopped working. My new e-mail has earned me almost 410 million tokens. My total winnings after all these years? A whopping $5. But like a fool, I still play because you can’t win if you don’t play, right?

  2. Hi Mrs Holland. I don’t know if u know the first little PCH game where u find the treasure hasn’t swirled got me in three weeks no codes work. Can’t download really I am having a hard time doing everything. Had it all blocked. I have still worked around 18 hours a day on PCH. Can u tell I want to win more than a thing. This time for I have decided I would drop out a while I need time with my family and myself. I honestly don’t know how you all run PCH. THERE MUST BE AN ARM WORKING WIN OR LOOSE. I THANK ALL OF YOU for MAKING ME FEEL GOOD AND PLAYED TO WIN.