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Good News! PCH Special Early Look Prize Event Will Pay Out Big!

Hey Blog Readers,

Are you as excited as I am about the $1,000.00 A Day For Life Special Early Look Prize Event? I sure hope you are because, on October 25th, we’re definitely going to award a life-changing SuperPrize thanks to the Special Early Look we’re taking for a winner of giveaway #13000!

What Does That Mean… A Special Early Look?

Now, some of you may already be Special Early Look experts, but if you haven’t heard or you want to know more, let me explain…

Right now, prize numbers have been issued and we’re starting the winner selection process for the $1,000.00 A Day For Life Prize Event – that’s the big prize event you’ve seen us advertise on TV, in your email and on our websites. We’re asking everyone to enter every day, as often as possible, because $1,000.00 A Day For Life is a prize we really want to give away – and we will – but we can only award that amount if a matching winning number is claimed!

What’s A “Matching Winning Number,” you ask? Good question!

Every timely entry you submit, whether it’s through the mail, online, in an email or even over the phone, has a Prize Number associated with it. It’s what we use to identify our winner.

On drawing day, a number will be randomly selected from the Winning Number Generator here at Publishers Clearing House. That number is the Winning Number.

When a Prize Number that is claimed through a timely entry matches the Winning Number, we have what’s called a “Matching Winning Number” and can award the top prize for our Special Early Look event – which on October 25th would mean someone would get an incredible $1,000.00 A Day For Life! We’d love to see that happen and it’s why we offer this big Sweepstakes Prize!

But that’s not always the way it works out…

You see, we issue entry opportunities every day that go unclaimed. People discard them… they don’t come online to enter… they risk missing out on millions of dollars and that Matching Winning Number could wind up never getting returned! I hate thinking about that happening to one of you blog readers, so please, enter as often as you can!

On drawing day, whether or not we can award $1,000.00 A Day For Life comes down to whether a Matching Winning Number was timely returned… but what happens if no one bothered to claim it?

Will a prize still be awarded if there is no Matching Winning Number?

I’m so happy to say the answer is… YES! October 25th will still be a big payday for a PCH winner! Other places might not award a prize at all if there’s no match, but we’re Publishers Clearing House, so we’ve got an incredible $1,000,000.00 waiting to be awarded just in case, in a second chance random drawing! That means every entry you claim – every single one — is important and you can be sure that, no matter what, our newest PCH Millionaire will be named in just a matter of weeks!

So, one question remains… will YOU be the winner we’re looking for on October 25th?

Remember, that Matching Winning Number could be issued at any time – and every entry has an equal chance of winning! So don’t wait – keep entering as often as you can before the deadline and we could be at your door with a PCH Big Check for $1,000.00 A Day For Life – or even $1,000,000.00 — in no time!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Blog readers like you even get an EXTRA chance to win – make sure you claim your entry at the top of this page and let me know below if you’re in it to win it!

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  1. I pray I win this, because with everything life has throwing at me it’s been a hard time lately and I could use a dream come true instead of the nightmare that I’ve been living.