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Life Is Rich! Get in to Win $1 Million in Our Nightly Lotto Drawing!

Hey there, friends and fans!

Today’s a good day to play at PCHlotto! Why? Because it’s always a good day! Winners are guaranteed every day, and millions are available for award each week. But the best reason to play today is because you could win $1 Million in our Life Is Rich nightly lotto drawing!

You read that right! If you’re not a dedicated member at PCHlotto, you may not be aware how much money is at stake when you complete your cards. Recently, I let you know all about the MegaPrize, so today, I’m going to focus on the Life Is Rich Prize!

The three biggest prizes at PCHlotto — the $1 Million Life Is Rich Prize, the $2.5 Million MegaPrize, and the PowerPrize (currently valued at $4,466,019.42) — have A LOT in common! If you win any one of them, for example, you’ll be the recipient of a life-changing, millionaire-making fortune!

The key difference between the three prizes is that while the PowerPrize and MegaPrize have drawings every week (on Wednesday and Sunday), we have a Life Is Rich prize drawing every single night! That means every set of numbers you claim could make you a millionaire in under 24 hours.

How much would your life change with $1 Million? Think of all the debts you could pay off, the repairs you could make to your home and car…it would be a financial security blanket, and a very warm blanket at that!

While the Life Is Rich prize isn’t our only lotto drawing held every night, it is by far the largest of them, and that alone makes it worth entering to win every day. Of course, you’re going to want to know the best way to do that!

When you go to PCHlotto, you will first have the opportunity to complete your PowerPrize and MegaPrize cards. After that, you’ll arrive at the Life Is Rich card! That’s right, just by going to get in to win, you’ll be able to go for two more incredible fortunes! Once you’re at the Life Is Rich card, all you have to do is claim your numbers — or just click the “Quick Pick” button! That’s all it takes to get in to win!

As it only takes mere minutes to get in to win, in the words of Broadway’s Hamilton, you do NOT want to throw away your shot…to win!


Will F.
PCH Creative

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