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I Use PCH Frontpage To ______________

Here’s a riddle for you. Where can you catch up on the latest news, check out the day’s weather, watch informative videos, and even find out your horoscope? The simple answer of course is PCH Frontpage, and if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, boy are you missing out!

You probably use your mobile device for tons of other daily activities like paying bills and catching up on your email and texts, but you could be enjoying so much more! And just for enjoying yourself, you’ll be earning Tokens! First of all, you’ll get 25,000 Tokens just for downloading the app. Then, every day you visit the app, you’ll get an increasing reward – up to 10,000 Tokens a day! They can really add up fast, and then you can redeem them at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange to go for exciting prizes!

If you’ve already downloaded the app and have experienced all it has to offer, let me ask you another question. How do YOU use the app? Please tell us in the comments below!

Do You Use It To Search The Web?

Before the big weekend arrives, do you look up the best restaurants in your area? Do you sometimes cheat (like me?) and look up the answers to those crossword clue stumpers? Do you crave the latest buzz on your favorite celebrities? Are you looking for a particular recipe? Whatever your questions, you’ll find the answers on PCH Frontpage. With your search you’ll get chances to win major prizes, including the upcoming $1,000.00 A Day For Life SuperPrize!

Do You Use It To Watch The Videos?

When you think about it, PCH Frontpage is like a “hub” of exciting activity! You get articles to read and videos to watch. And it can all be customized to match your preferences! Just select which topics and categories interest you and it delivers it automatically!

Do You Use It To Catch Up On The News?

It’s your one-stop source for news happening in your town, your state, the country and the world. Whether it’s health/medical news, politics, science, technology or even if you’re curious about strange goings on around us, you’ll find it all here. Tell us what kind of news you love to catch up on at PCH Frontpage.

Do You Use The Everyday Life Tab?

No matter what your interests, you’ll find the latest trends here. Packed with recipes for every season, news about healthy living, informative articles about pets, your horoscope, even comics! Let us know which sections you use!

Please let us know how you use PCH Frontpage! It’s the only place where you’ll earn tokens for clicking through the latest articles and videos and searching online for chances to win!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Hi, Jane M.,

    I received a notification that the Prize Patrol (IF I win) would like to come a day early and have me do a commercial-like presentation. ??? Yes??? I would be willing to do that as many say I am a good speaker, especially if it will help you and others. In addition to the painting, I would also like to offer a meal for everyone. Keep in mind, my home is humble but I am an excellent home-made cook (I could make my famous hand-ground flour waffles with coffee/juice or avocado burgers and soft drinks). I hope I WIN but if not, I understand. Also, I train dogs and my Service Dog will be with us. He will adore all of you! His name is Angelo (Angel in Spanish).

    I hope I WIN (praying) but if not, I understand. Still come by for food! 🙂 Have a blessing of a day, DRJ