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Last Chance To Go For Tonight’s PCHlotto PowerPrize Drawing!

Hurry, friends and fans! Time is ALMOST OUT to go for tonight’s PCHotto PowerPrize, where we’re looking for a winner of $4,538,834.95! That’s OVER $4.5 MILLION!

How’s that for some excitement to get you through hump day?

That’s right, in just a few short hours, we could be making a new multi-millionaire — and if you claimed PCHlotto PowerPrize numbers this week, that winner could be YOU!

Good news, though – even if you haven’t claimed PCHlotto PowerPrize numbers, you still have until tonight’s 11:59 PM, ET entry deadline to get a set in! That’s right — YOU COULD VERY WELL BECOME A MILLIONAIRE TONIGHT! Especially since tonight’s jackpot — over $4.5 MILLION — is so large, you do not want to risk missing out on this week’s drawing.

Even better – it will only take mere moments for you to claim PCHlotto PowerPrize numbers! You may know that PCHlotto has a plethora of cards, tons of night drawings, and a whole lot of instant win opportunities — but the PowerPrize is the VERY FIRST ONE. So when you go to PCHlotto, you will automatically see the PowerPrize card. You’ll IMMEDIATELY be able to pick your numbers.

But let’s say you’ve only got an extremely short amount of time — say you only read this blog post at 11:55 PM tonight, and time’s almost up. No worries, you can claim your PCHlotto PowerPrize numbers instantly with the “quick pick” button! So getting in to win takes almost no time at all.

Another exciting aspect of tonight’s drawing? A $500.00 cash prize winner is GUARANTEED from our Power#! Unlike our other PCHlotto cards, the PCHlotto PowerPrize card is two steps: first, you’ll select your main set of numbers, like you would with any other card. After that, though, you pick a Power#: each night, there’s a Power# drawing, and someone who picked the winning Power# will randomly be selected a winner!

If there’s no winner in tonight’s drawing, the PowerPrize will just go up to an even bigger number! So don’t lose the faith if you don’t win tonight, just keep claiming your numbers. Like I said, it only takes a few short moments to ensure you’re in to win, so why would you pass up on what could be the opportunity of a lifetime!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Picture it: you winning tonight’s PowerPrize drawing. What’s your first big purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

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