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Did You Receive A Postcard From Us In The Mail?

Hello out there!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween yesterday! I know it’s always been one of my favorite holidays. But the treats aren’t over just yet! We have one more for some of you. And you don’t have to trick or treat to get it … you just have to look in your mail to find it, and then follow these instructions to go for some FAST CASH!

This postcard tells you how to add a valid entry to our Winner Selection List for Giveaway #14400 to go for some cool cash. Our Winner Selection List is the official Publishers Clearing House record of all entries that are eligible to win. All timely entries are on this list for Giveaway #14400. Failure to respond as directed will forego the opportunity this postcard provides to obtain an entry on this list, so make sure you follow these instructions! It’s so simple to do on your computer or mobile device. Let me show you how!

The Back Looks Something Like This!

Note your ACTIVATION CODE to the right. Above we have “XXX” marks, but yours will have an actual 5-digit code. You’ll use that important code to activate your entry online in just a minute.

We do request that you do NOT enter your 5-digit Activation Code in the comments section below. This is your code to keep and use, and is not intended to be shared with others!

We’ve circled some important instructions in black so you don’t miss them. You’ll need to type in into your URL window on your computer or mobile device and hit “return”. Or just click the link in this blog to get there!

You’re Getting Closer!

This is the page you should see after entering Remember that important activation code we mentioned before? This is where you use it!

Type in your 5-digit activation code and hit the submit code button and you’re just about done!

When you reach the next page, you’ll be asked a few registration questions. Click “CONTINUE” AND YOU’RE IN THE RUNNING TO BECOME A CASH WINNER!

Mind you, not everyone will be receiving this PCH postcard, but don’t you fret if you don’t receive one. There are plenty of other exciting prizes for you to go for. We always have TONS of other contests you can enter, and you can learn more at our Sweepstakes page! Try your luck with our fast-paced Token Games, dazzling Scratch-Offs, our Power Prize at PCHlotto – and so much more! And every game, every contest is fun and FREE to enter and win. You can also check out PCHSearch&Win, where, once you log in, you could win instant prizes just for searching!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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