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Token Winners Win Bigger With The PCHrewards Token Exchange

Tokens In, Entries Out, and Prizes on the Way

It was an optimistic October for an overwhelming number of fans who went on the offensive by redeeming tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange! These opportune fans redeemed an optimal number of tokens and were overjoyed to find that the outcome was an outstanding win.

Exchange. I believe most of us have a pretty good understanding of this word, but just to be safe, I decided to consult the “Good Book”; aka the Oxford English Dictionary.

• Noun – an act of giving one thing and receiving another in return
• Verb – give or receive one thing in place of another

So the idea is – exchange tokens at the Token Exchange and, in return, get entries to awesome giveaways, including cash, gift cards, and actual prizes. And then on prize day, wait with bated breath to see if you’re a Token Exchange winner, just like these fine folks from across the country!

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Now that surely is what we mean when we say October was an outstanding month in winning. And don’t forget, you can see who won the latest SuperPrize – awarded just over a week ago – right here at the PCH Winners page.

As I close this October “Month In Winning,” I’ll repeat a familiar refrain: if you want to see your name on an upcoming “month in winning” list, then you know what to do – earn tokens, redeem tokens, and keep coming back to enter new giveaways.

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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