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Catch up on the News with PCHfrontpage!

Whether it’s what’s happening in Washington or around the world … whether it’s the latest celebrity gossip or the most up-to-date sports stats, you can catch up with the news at PCHfrontpage!

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Here are just a few articles I am looking at on PCHfrontpage as I write this blog post:

“Buckingham Palace: Queen’s New Outfits Won’t Use Real Fur” – My daughter loves everything about the royals; I can’t wait to tell her about this.

“This Cat Stops an NFL Game” – I’ve seen the video of that black cat that ran into the end zone; I want to read more!

“Microsoft Tries a New Work Strategy” – Experts are saying a four-day workweek could be more productive … fascinating!

There’s so much news to catch up with on PCHfrontpage – politics, science, technology, even “strange” news like “Astronaut Casts Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot from Space”! You’d probably be the coolest person at the lunch table or the water cooler after getting all your news from PCHfrontpage!

Plus, the new Everyday Life section on PCHfrontpage features recipes, health tips, life hacks, trending news, and even comics! If your everyday life needs a boost, I’d definitely start here!

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They say knowledge is power – but I say with PCHfrontpage, knowledge could also mean prizes! So, if you want to catch up on the news and catch the excitement that is the PCH Sweeps, then visit PCHfrontpage today!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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