Who Wins PCH? Take a Wild Guess!

Greetings, Fans and Friends, and Happy #Winner Wednesday.

Guess what day it is? Today, April 15th, is “Take a Wild Guess Day”! I discovered this while searching on PCHSearch&Win and rather than guess what it was all about, I investigated a bit further.

Take a Wild Guess Day is all about trusting your gut and taking a guess. Guess how many hairs are on your head (if you’re bald you already know the answer). Guess how many steps you walk in a day. Guess how many people in the world are named Debbie (or whatever your name is).

When it comes to the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, folks may question “Who wins PCH?” Well, take a wild guess! Lots of people have won prizes from Publishers Clearing House! To date, PCH has awarded over $485 million in prizes big and small. In fact, every 5 minutes there’s another PCH winner. And here are just a few of them:

Tabatha B., of Princeton, WV, a $100 PCH winner, comments, “I thought I was dreaming at first as it was 3:30 AM, but then I checked my email and there it was in black and white! I was so surprised and elated. I read the email four times just to be sure.”

Angelia C., Long Beach, MS, another $100 winner, writes, “It feels incredible to know that I won. I will use the prize money to treat my hardworking husband to a very nice evening out. Thank you, Publishers Clearing House, for showing that if you just keep playing you really can win. Y’all are the best!!!!”

Jerry A., of Bartlesville, OK, who won a $20 PCH prize, tells us, “It was a great feeling to win PCH Lotto.”

Amizo T., of Burlington, NJ, who also won $20, writes, “I feel very happy. I never thought I would win but I just kept playing and did not give up.”

Lee S., of Sussex, WI, won $2,500 from Publishers Clearing House and states, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!”

Lastly, Loretta E., of Everett, WA, says this about PCH: “I thought I would never win nothing. After only a couple days of playing I won $25.00. I was shocked to win anything. It’s gonna keep me playing.”

Fans and friends, real people from all over our great nation win PCH prizes every single day. There’s no second guessing about it. But there are still some questions that may be on your mind …

“Will I win PCH?”

“When will I win?”

“How much will I win?”

Trust your gut and take a wild guess – because you could win PCH … and you could win soon … and you could win BIG! All you need to do is enter!

Thank you, all, for making PCH part of your day! And please stay happy, healthy and safe!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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    1. It sounds like you’re definitely “in it to win it” and that’s awesome to hear! Keep trying and don’t give up.

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    1. While we love that you’re so enthusiastic and eager to win, commenting on the blog alone will not secure your entries. Please make sure you follow the entry instructions in the emails you received or you can visit http://www.pch.com and enter from our website directly. We want to make sure that you get your entries submitted the correct way so that you are entered for a chance to win. To see all of the ways you can claim entries into our many exciting giveaways each day, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!