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Meet the PCHlotto State of Play Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends,

A state of shock … a state of elation … a state of disbelief. PCH prize winners have been known to react in many different ways. Their “winning moments” are all unique and all real. So, I couldn’t wait to introduce you to three lucky individuals who are in a “winning state of mind” – because they each won $10,000.00 in the PCHlotto State of Play contest. Here are their “winning moments” – enjoy!

Stanley Wright of Southfield, MI jumped off the couch as his wife yelled for him to quickly come to the door of his apartment, where Howie from the Prize Patrol stood waiting with the “Big Check.” Stanley and wife Gerry were beyond thrilled, and plan to spend the money to pay off some bills and take a nice vacation at some point. Stanley is a VIP Elite who has been playing for years and won $10 once before. He told Howie he had just entered to win the $1,000 A Day for Life SuperPrize and mentioned that he follows Publishers Clearing House on Facebook and Instagram. While Howie was at the door, Stanley called his daughter who was screaming with joy and disbelief. And when they got wind of Stanley’s winning moment, his neighbors at his apartment complex offered their congratulations, as well.

Stanley’s advice to fans and friends like you is to keep the faith, something we at PCH hear a lot from winners of prizes big and small, because, like Stanley says: “– It’s REAL!”

Deanna Restemayer of Curtice, OH came to the window the second Howie from the PCH Prize Patrol pulled in the driveway. She was on the phone with her daughter and stayed on with her as she said, “You’re not going to believe this, but Publishers Clearing House is here!” Deanna quickly said, “I’ll call you back” and got emotional when she saw her “Big Check.” Her husband had some health issues this year (he’s doing well now), but they had a big medical bill to pay, and she told Howie that the $10,000 will take care of that. Deanna repeatedly said, “You don’t know how much this helps us; it came at the right time!”

Marjorie Nunez of Surprise, AZ certainly got the surprise of her life when the Prize Patrol’s very own Danielle showed up at her door! Marjorie never imagined she’d win $10,000.00 in the PCHlotto State of Play giveaway. Marjorie – a mother of three – and her husband recently downsized their home, as their kids are starting to leave the nest, and they have a lot of renovations to do! The $10,000.00 will definitely help them create their dream home! Marjorie’s husband used to call entering the PCH Sweeps “a waste of time,” but he sure took it back!

So, what is the state of play at Publishers Clearing House? We’ve got plenty of winners every single day, from every corner of the U.S.A.! And the only way to get in to win is to enter, enter, enter! Because whether you come from a northern state or a southern state … a coastal state or an inland state … a big state or a little state … you could have your “winning moment” too!

Good luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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