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It’s A PCH Sweeps Alert – $10,000 Autumn In America Prize!

Attention everyone! We have some breaking news that we need you to hear. Please click on the YouTube link below for an important message from Prize Patrol Elite team member Danielle!

Yes, you heard her right! To celebrate our fabulous fall season, we’re giving away a whole lot of money, and a winner will be selected on October 23rd! So you’d better hurry up and enter, because time is ticking as fast as the leaves are falling! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

$10,000 Autumn In America Prize

That’s right, someone will DEFINITELY win $10,000 from PCH for a fantabulous fall prize! Would you use it to cater the Thanksgiving of your dreams? Maybe buy that fancy costume you’ve always wanted for Halloween? Or splurge on a home entertainment system for some TV binging or sports viewing? The choice is yours!

5 Limited Time Scratch Cards – $5,000 Instantly!

That’s right, time is already ticking on these scratch cards, each giving you a chance to win $5,000 instantly! Imagine your shock if you were to win from these! Talk about a touchdown! I hope you’d do an end zone dance right then and there!

Do it today, tomorrow and Thursday for a total of 3 entries in all!

You’ve got just today, tomorrow and Thursday to get these Autumn in America prize opportunities activated, so don’t delay – enter at right now!

Matt for PCH

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