#WinnerWednesday: Be Inspired by These PCH Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Are you inspired by our #WinnerWednesday blogs? I know I’m inspired when I read all the comments from our fans who have won PCH prizes as well as those folks who are entering every day hoping to become PCH winners.

It takes persistence, positivity and patience to stay in it to win it. And here are 3 more winners of smaller PCH prizes who are glad they did!

Rosemary O. (pictured above) comments on the blog “I am in it to win it! I’ve been a PCH fan since 1984. I did, through the years, receive 4 checks – $10 each, but so far, the ‘big one’ was for the Brad Paisley American Relief Sweepstakes. I was one of the ‘ticket’ winners who won a video chat with Brad Paisley and a cash prize. Listening to Brad talk to us was truly an awesome experience! His songs are inspirational and I love them. I am a true PCH fan and I AM IN IT TO WIN IT!”

Rosemary tells me she loves playing PCH games and PCHlotto, enjoys entering via PCHfrontpage, and also calls in her daily entry on the PCH phone line, 1-800-459-4724. “Never give up!” she says about entering to win. “It can happen.”

Stacie J. won $10 from Publishers Clearing House in March. She grew up “watching my mama play the games” and watching PCH’s TV commercials. Life was hard for Stacie growing up and she always imagined what it would be if she won a PCH prize. “It was something a lil’ girl like me needed in a hopeless world,” she says.

“The chances of winning are tough,” she explains. “I also know that it is okay to hope and have dreams of any kind. The way I look at it, if you don’t play then you can’t win. What and who is it hurting if I enjoy entering PCH sweepstakes and giveaways? I have something that I can hold on to, the hope that just maybe one day the Prize Patrol will come knocking at my door to reward me with a BIG CHECK! In 2020 we have all seen the craziest things, but it wouldn’t be so crazy to still have something you can believe in.”

Finally, Tanya M., who recently won $10 after entering on PCHfrontpage, writes, “I’m praying I’m the big winner next!” Tanya won $10 once before back in 2012 and was shocked to have won again. “I was starting to lose hope but then I won the $10 and though it’s small, every little bit counts!” she explains. “Thank you, PCH, for inspiring others and for being World Changers.”

Fans and friends, would you like to have your world changed? Have these three lucky ladies inspired you to stay in it to win it? Are you motivated to make your dreams come true? Then, all you’ve got to do is enter every day in every way you can!

I look forward to reading about your “winning moments” in the comments below and maybe even sharing your stories with readers of future #WinnerWednesday blogs.

Good luck,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I have had 3 calls from they say that they are with PCH the one from Indiana called twice asked me to write down all these different names and numbers he kept reminding me of the 4.5 millions the car and 5,000 a week for life I asked if I won these and he said the I would have to send 865.00 for the fdica and to get 1 hundred dollars and put each one in a book between pages in a vanilla envelope and than go to fedex and get a receipt this is where I drew the line he would not tell if I had won I did not get a letter from PCH I am thinking this is a SCAM his name was David Anderson and I do have is # if you need it than today 20 mins later I get a call from Or from the fdica saying to send the money I hung up the phone he did not give me his nams but I have his # This is very disturbing That PCH puts scammer and they prey on the seniors first off if you play in a sweepstakes there is no fees or purchasy to play I take it that I am not a winner just a company trying to scam me for money that amount is more than my SS check each month in the future please do not send me any more mail from PCH

  2. On to the best time of the year “ CHRISTMAS”. The best to everyone as I resister all my sweepstakes and attachments to them for this day of Nov 30, 20.

  3. Congratulations everyone , I really hope that I can win someday so I can have an easier life with my 4 kids all adults and my 3 grandsons. I’m hoping and praying for a better life

  4. I love to win I play n search n download app for pch to get all tokens I really like to win especially because my children need help ..my oldest three lost their dad this year in July my three younger children lost their dad in January all this year it has been so rough for me n my children I don’t have a job because my younger three kids aren’t full tim in school yet I tried everything to get my Pua n unemployment was denied so my husband don’t get to work very much because of the weather so we are struggling to help my 22 year n 21 year old. N pay our bills too..my old son is a marine n I hardly get to talk to him haven’t seen him since august or my grand baby ..I have 4 grandchildren n 6 kids all together this has been the hardest year for all. Of us it would be great to win so I can give my children the help they need since their father isn’t here to help them like he used too …I found all the ways to enter I just pray to the good lord that I might get to win someday n I wish it would be this year or soon. So yes I would be glad to win