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#WinnerWednesday: This PCH Winner Won $5,000 A Week…”FOREVER”

“You must be looking for my son!” said the mother of winner Sherwin Baboolal after she opened the door of their home in Queens, New York. Sherwin appeared wide-eyed a few moments later and said, “I was just entering! Right now!”

Shocked and awed, Sherwin accepted his Big Check for $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” and said he will move with his mother out of New York to a warmer climate and buy a house. He also said he would go on his “first vacation” and buy a car equipped for his disability. Sherwin broke his leg in an accident nearly two years ago and unfortunately had to have the leg amputated, and he’s been unable to work since. “Thank you PCH!” Sherwin shouted as he waved $5,000 in cash over his head, which we gave him on the spot to get his first week started!

Sherwin went into detail about how much he loves Publishers Clearing House. His mother laughed and said how she always hears the noises coming from his phone while he enters. Thanking us again as we left, Sherwin said how happy he is to be able to take care of his family. Congratulations, Sherwin!


More Ways To Win!

We wouldn’t be Publishers Clearing House if we didn’t have another SuperPrize up for grabs! $1,000,000 is guaranteed to be awarded this March – make sure you claim your bonus entries now!

Looking for more fun ways to earn tokens and enter PCH sweepstakes? If you take any of our brain-tickling, 20-question quizzes at PCHquizzes, you’ll earn 200 tokens for each correct answer — that’s a whopping 4,000 tokens per quiz for answering 100% correctly! You can also peruse a short, entertaining slideshow at PCHfrontpage and, if you click through to another slideshow, you’ll earn 1,000 tokens. Pretty easy, right? You earned it and you’re welcome!

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  1. Hello PCH TEAM, it is wonderful to get opportunities like these. I really hope to see you guys one day at my house. I’m also #INITTOWINIT#
    KEEPING THE FAITH for A Week “Forever prize giveaway #19500.
    Montgomery Texas is were I live. See you soon🙏🙏🙏 BigCheck 🖋