Last Chance Holiday Shopping online with PCHSearch&Win

It’s been almost two weeks now since the Black Friday shopping frenzy took place. This year seemed to be calmer than usual, maybe because people were doing most of their holiday shopping online. Perhaps some of you braved waking up early to wait in the long lines, to then make your way through dizzying crowds […]

Good Fortune Fuels Optimism in Detroit…How About At Your House?

Take advantage of all the chances for good fortune you can get! Go to and check out all PCH’s opportunities to play and win!You have nothing to lose and possibly millions to gain!

The Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win Opportunity on PCHlotto!

Cam’Pay’N Cashout – Will you count-up a cash payout this election season? Selecting who to vote for has always been a challenging process for me. First I think about the issues that matter most to me and list them by importance. Then I conduct some research and match the politicians that are most aligned with […]

Florists Do A Lot More Than Prepare A Dozen Roses!

Very often when planning our Prize Patrol trips, we call ahead to the local florists to pre-order the dozen roses for the PCH winners. We’ll tell the florist who we are and why we need to pick up the flowers on an exact day and time. Sometimes they believe it’s the PCH Prize Patrol and […]

Airport Security and Rental Car Agents Recognize Us

“Do You Really Work There?” I suspect airport security and rental car agents (especially in the bigger cities) are used to dealing with celebrities trying to go unnoticed, but when the PCH Prize Patrol goes anywhere, we’re recognized immediately! The initial reaction is the same from almost everyone we meet. You watch their eyes as […]