$50,000.00 Summer Cash Giveaway Event

Hello again! It’s hot, hot, HOT out there, and guess what’s even hotter? Our $50,000.00 Summer Cash Giveaway Event! Now through August 3rd, you can get in to WIN a cool FIFTY GRAND! Just imagine this…you get up bright and early on the morning of August 14th, and while you’re sipping on your iced coffee […]

Motivational Monday: Get In to Win the SuperPrize

“I’m so glad it’s Monday!” Said no one, ever. Mondays can be hard. Finding the motivation to scale your weekly To Do List can seem harder than climbing Mount Everest. Even getting in to WIN $1,000 A Day For Life might seem like too much to handle right now. Sure, you can clearly imagine what […]

What Would You Spend It On First?

It’s Your Prize Money to Spend, So Spend It Wisely! At one time or another in life, you’ve probably received this advice – “don’t spend it all in one place.” Whether it was your weekly allowance, birthday card cash, or a prize won at summer camp, a well-meaning adult likely leaned over and uttered those […]

What Other Unusual Method of Delivery Should The Prize Patrol Take?

Boy oh boy, my friends … tomorrow, August 27th, is the LAST DAY to enter and win the $5,000.00 A Week For Life prize Publishers Clearing House guarantees to award this Friday, August 30th. Although we’re all familiar with the Prize Patrol van, we’re wondering what other delivery method would be a good idea for […]


Hello, my friends! I hope you’ve been well. Reason I’m asking, of course, is that we’re counting down awarding our guaranteed $5,000.00 A Week For Life prize award on August 30th. That’s the day some lucky someone’s life will change with the ring of a doorbell — YOURS, for instance! Picture this: after calming down […]