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What Should The Prize Patrol Pack If They Come Your Way?

Hello blog readers and PCH fans! In JUST 2 DAYS, the Prize Patrol will arrive at someone’s door bearing gifts: champagne, flowers, and most importantly, the Big Check for our next “FOREVER” PRIZE WINNER! “FOREVER” means $5,000 A Week For Life for a winner, and then after that, $5,000 A Week For Life will go […]

5 Ways $1,000 A Day for Life Could Change Your Life

In case you haven’t noticed, the current Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize is one of the most lucrative on record – $1,000 A Day for Life!!! The easy math says that’s $365,000 a year, and that’s a not-too-shabby income. I mean, there are plenty of ways to earn $1,000 a day for life, right? You could […]

How Would $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life Change Your Life? Here’s 10 Ways How!

How many of you have ever sat there, surrounded by a pile of bills or in sight of something new that you’ve wanted and thought “man, I wish I had some extra cash right now.” Let me tell you, fans, I’ve been there more than once. Life can get pretty expensive at times and we’ve […]

7 Ways $7,000 A Week For Life Could Change YOUR LIFE!

My dears, it’s time to start thinking about it … because our Prize Patrol is ready to deliver a tremendous $7,000 A Week For Life Prize very soon, in our Special Early Look prize event on April 27th. (And this is just after awarding two HUGE prizes within the past two weeks: A $4,978,632 PowerPrize […]