7 Ways $7,000 A Week For Life Could Change YOUR LIFE!

My dears, it’s time to start thinking about it … because our Prize Patrol is ready to deliver a tremendous $7,000 A Week For Life Prize very soon, in our Special Early Look prize event on April 27th. (And this is just after awarding two HUGE prizes within the past two weeks: A $4,978,632 PowerPrize on March 3rd and $5,000 a Week “Forever” on February 23rd.

To get you to really think about what it would be like to win — and to motivate you to enter right now and every day in every way you can — we’ve come up with the following 7 Ways $7,000 A Week For Life could change your life.  Here goes:

No more “waiting till next year” or wondering whether it’s “in the budget”. With $7,000 coming in every week like clockwork, you could splurge without thinking twice!
How exciting it would be to see your bank balance growing by another $7,000 every single week! Enter now for the chance to make it happen.
If you’ve ever lain awake fretting about how to pay bills or how to stretch the budget, you’ll appreciate what weekly $7,000 checks – for LIFE — could do for your “beauty sleep”.
Replace “We can’t afford a new car” with “Let’s hit the showroom!” … and change “Isn’t this restaurant too expensive?” to “Hey, let’s take the whole family here tomorrow night!” With weekly $7,000 checks, you could always pick up the tab!
If a loved one is having trouble paying bills — or if you’d love to surprise folks you care about with the things they need and deserve — a $7,000 A Week For Life Prize could turn you into a superhero!
Island paradises … Paris, London and Rome … Australia’s Barrier Reef … China’s Great Wall: A lifetime of weekly $7,000 checks would be a passport to every destination, traveling First Class all the way!


How about THAT?  And just think: If you win, all you had to do for that huge “salary” was enter to WIN at Publishers Clearing House. What could be easier?

(I must point out that if the winning number for our April Prize Event is not returned in time, we’ll have to go to a second chance drawing and award $1,000,000 to a lucky winner on 4/27.  Either way, our Prize Patrol guarantees to deliver a “Big Check” that day.)

What do you think about our 7 Ways Winning $7,000 A Week For Life could change YOUR life? Can you tell us about what YOUR ideas would be? Please, share them with all of us in the “Comments” section below.

Have we inspired you to enter?  I sincerely hope so! You deserve to win a lifetime of weekly $7,000 checks, so don’t let us down.


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