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$25,000.00 Means A Lot To PCH Winner Priscilla Harrington!

I once knew a fellow writer who used to say, “when one of us succeeds, all of us succeed!” It’s a great truth to remember when you see someone you know get some good luck, and no example could be better of this than recent $25,000.00 PCH winner Priscilla Harrington. The way her town reacted […]

Cameramen Are Vital to PCH Winning Moments

When you see our iconic “winning moments” on TV, you surely see an ecstatic winner, the Big Check, roses, balloons and the Prize Patrol.  What you don’t see is the one person that makes it possible for you to witness all that excitement: the video cameraman! Without a professional cameraman (or camerawoman) to capture all […]

The Prize Patrol Has Seen A Lot!

There’s an insurance company running a lot of commercials claiming “We’ve seen almost everything” and “We’ve seen a thing or two.”  You’ve probably seen their TV spots. Funny thing is – we Prize Patrolers could make the same claims in our TV ads featuring PCH winning moments.  We’ve delivered close to a thousand Big Checks […]