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$25,000.00 is at Stake in our Lotto Multiplier Event

Hi there, PCH fans and blog readers! I’ve got some exciting news for you today! It’s Day 1 of PCHlotto’s Mega Money Multiplier! You can get in to WIN a $25,000.00 prize that’s GUARANTEED to be awarded. But wait…THERE’S EVEN MORE AT STAKE! Once you complete your Mega Money card at, you’ll reveal a […]

It’s the LAST DAY to Enter to Win the PCHlotto Set For Life Prize!

Hello, everyone! It’s a little hard to believe that it’s already the end of May! Time seems to be flying by while a lot of us are at home these days. I am loving the warmer weather that May has brought, although I am worried about how hot the actual summer months of July and […]

Time Is Running Out for the Lotto “Set for Life” Prize!

Greetings, fans and friends, How would you like to be set for life? That’s right … set for life. No worries about how to pay the rent, how to deal with those mounting bills, how to take care of your family’s everyday needs. And maybe have a little extra spending money on the side for […]

Are You On The PCHlotto App Winner’s List?

Hey Blog Readers, Have you been playing the PCHlotto App? Well, I sure hope you have because lately, the winning has been happening like crazy – especially during our App Exclusive Treasure Quest event! That’s right, from 4/20-4/24 we gave away EVEN MORE PRIZES just for PCHlotto App players! $5, $10 and $20 prizes were […]

Follow-Up Winner Interview With $1,000,000.00 PCHlotto Winner!

Most of the good things in life don’t come easy, right? For example, in today’s PCH winner interview with PCHlotto “Life Is Rich” $1,000,000.00 winner Jason Lawler, you’ll learn he’d been entering for about five years! But this is one person who truly values his newfound fortune, because he never gave up! “It’s been over […]