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PCH Employees Beat The Heat With Delicious Smoothies!

Hey PCH fans! The weather is warming up nicely, and now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it is the unofficial start of summer!  Beaches, pools and parks are open in full swing and everyone is ready to relax and have some fun in the sun! There are so many fantastic things about summertime…I couldn’t wait to start my holiday weekend and get into summer mode!

So readers, how did YOU kick off summer and start your Memorial Day weekend? I started mine with a wonderful half-day of work on Friday (thanks PCH!) and even better was the Smoothie Social PCH threw for employees before it was time to go home! What is a Smoothie Social? Well, it was a chance for PCH employees to take a little break, head on down to our dining hall and enjoy some homemade delicious smoothie samples made by our very own talented dining staff!

Once the smoothie buffet was set, PCH employees from all departments hurried down to try out some of the delicious, ice-cold samples! There were so many different, tasty flavors to choose from!

“The smoothies transported me to a tropical island paradise! My favorite was the mango!” said fellow PCH blogger Debbie K, as she shows off her smoothie sample with another co-worker.

Delicious Fruit Smoothies

It seems every PCHer had a favorite flavor they grabbed right away, but some just couldn’t choose which one to try first! When I asked Laurel U. how she liked PCH’s Smoothie Social day she replied, “I LOVE it!  But, I’m GOING BANANAS trying to pick just one smoothie to drink!

Laurel U. at PCH Deciding on a Smoothie

After taking a minute to check out all the flavors available she got excited!
“Bananas — that’s it!  Strawberry Banana it is!”  

PCH Employee Laurel U. Picking her Delicious Smoothie

As Laurel walked away with her yummy sample, I caught up with some other fellow PCH employees as they were enjoying chatting and trying different flavors with each other.

“Publishers Clearing House is always looking out for their employees” said Matt S., “Today, we got to welcome in the warm weather by cooling down with a delicious mix of flavorful smoothies! The Banana, Raspberry was incredible!”

Matt S. at PCH tries some Delicious Smoothies

So what was the favorite among them all? Seems they were all so delicious that no one could pick! PCH creative employee Glenn G. made sure to try them all. “The smoothies were so good I had all 4 flavors” he said, “but Pina Colada was the one that made me go back for seconds!”

PCH Employee Glenn G. Tries All of the Delicious Smoothies

So readers, what do you think of PCH’s Smoothie Social Day? What would have been YOUR favorite? Would you have tried them all? Comment below and let us know!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

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