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How Do You Inspire Others To Keep Trying?


Maybe you’re not an inspirational team coach or a professional motivational speaker, but sometimes you may need to show your support for someone you know by helping him or her “keep the faith” and “stick with it”, especially when that person may be facing a particularly tough challenge.

It’s not always easy, especially when you might be going through a rough patch yourself!  So how do you inspire others to keep trying? I would love to share a few ways I can think of that have worked for me in the past.

Sometimes It’s Enough To Just Listen

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to just listen to what the other person has to say. And keep in mind that sometimes they may not need, or want, to hear any advice just yet. Sometimes all they need is to have someone else to listen and empathize. Sometimes just saying something out loud can help to unburden someone’s troubles and give them the strength to carry on.


Tell Them An Inspiring Story

Nothing worth winning is ever easy. How many of us have heard that? I’m not suggesting you shower them with age-old clichés, but sometimes relating a true story about yourself or someone you know can inspire them to keep trying. I know I’ve been truly inspired by watching the videos of some of our past PCH Sweepstakes winners. There have been so many touching stories about people who kept on entering no matter what, just knowing in their heart that someday they would win. Some even called it a “miracle” when they finally held that big check delivered by the PCH Prize Patrol!

 Make Them Laugh

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. And sometimes being able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously can help us to overcome obstacles and approach life from a whole new perspective!

 Set A Good Example

Keeping a sunny disposition and a positive attitude is contagious! Just by living your own life as someone who “sees the glass as half full” can inspire others, who will want to be around you just because of the positive energy you exude! You’d be amazed at how many lives you can touch just by setting an example as someone who faces each day with an unshakable faith that things will always work out!

 Break It Down For Them

Any project or challenge can be broken down into small steps. Just taking it “one step at a time” is a great way to stay motivated. Help them to figure out what that first step needs to be, and how the rest will follow, to make any goal seem more attainable. Help them to celebrate each step of the way as an accomplishment, and pat them on the back!

It’s been fun sharing my thoughts, and I hope you’ve found it helpful. But I would really love to know how you inspire others (or even yourself!) to keep trying to win our Sweepstakes, no matter what. We’ve seen how positive you all can be in our comments section, and we admire your dedication. So please share your thoughts below – we’d love to read them!

Jane M.

PCH Creative Dept.

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