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What Kind Of $1 Million Winner Would You Be?

Hey PCH Friends! Over the years, I’ve been privileged to interview many great SuperPrize winners! There have been all sorts of different winner reactions, with all different levels of excitement.  There are the screamers, yellers, fainters, and, sometimes, there is just stunned silence.

TOMORROW, we’ll surprise a new winner with a fantastic $1 Million SuperPrize, and I can’t wait to see what that winner reaction will be!

What if you were the winner? How would you react? What would you say to me during your blog interview later on?

I think about recent winner Diane Jehanian. She had such a good reaction, despite knowing about her award before the Prize Patrol showed up! You see, a local news team came to her house with the Prize Patrol. The news team was broadcasting live, so when everyone found out she wasn’t at home, it didn’t take long before social media got the news out! Even though Diane heard that she was the winner, it didn’t make her winner reaction any less great. Check it out!


Sometimes we award the prize not just with the cameras rolling, but with a whole group of friends, family, or coworkers watching, too. That’s what happened to Desiree Scudder! The Prize Patrol found her at the lab where she works, so out came Desiree in her white lab coat! This self-professed gaming geek was bubbly on the phone when I spoke with her for her follow-up, but around her coworkers, you could say she was pretty stunned! Watch the video below!


Now just a slight step up from being completely stunned is getting a little tongue-tied! This is the sort of winner reaction you see from people who usually have a lot to say, but the shock of the situation leaves them with only a few words. Watch as $1 Million winner Boris Clinton can only repeat the same thing over and over again!


Have you ever talked to someone who thinks that Publishers Clearing House isn’t the real deal?  Well, believe it or not, sometimes we have winners who (at first) don’t think the Prize Patrol is who they say they are! They think it might be a joke! Well just watch as $1 Million Winner Michael Shields reacts to the Prize Patrol at his door.


Then you have the true believers, those faith-filled winners who attribute their winning to a higher power, like unforgettable winner Penny Pompa.  They know right away what is going on and react with true tears of joy. These inspirational winner reactions can bring a tear to your eye, too!


Again, I’m so excited to see the new winner’s reaction tomorrow! But no matter how they react, watch this blog for a follow-up interview for the story behind the reaction!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. If you were to win $1 Million on October 21, 2016, what would your reaction be? Tell us in the comments below!

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