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Which Prize Patrol Member Are YOU Most Like? Take Our Quiz!

As you know, The Prize Patrol LOVES awarding amazing prizes, like the $5,OOO.OO A Week “Forever” Prize  that is guaranteed for award this February. Now, have you ever wondered which Prize Patrol member you’re most similar to?

Well, to find out which member of The Prize Patrol you’re most like, take our quiz below! That way, if The Prize Patrol greets you with a SuperPrize on February 24th , you could tell them all about your results from the quiz you took on the PCHblog!

So go ahead and take the quiz below… it’s quick and fun! All you have to do is choose ONE ANSWER from Each Question below… and you’ll know which member of The Prize Patrol you’re most similar to!

Let’s begin…

What Is Your Dream Vacation

  1. A tropical island… with an ocean view!
  2. A snowy mountain… to ski on all day!
  3. A big city… with so many restaurants and museums!
  4. A lake house… where I can kayak all weekend!

What Would Be an Essential for Your Dream Home?

  1. An epic home theater… with a popcorn machine!
  2. A big dining room… perfect for dinner parties!
  3. A sports center… with a tennis court, baseball diamond, you name it!
  4. A big backyard… for family BBQs and parties!

Where Is Your Favorite Place to Shop?

  1. The mall… so, where’s the closest one?
  2. Online… I could find all the best deals there!
  3. My favorite store… it never lets me down!
  4. Anywhere… as long as they have cool shoes!

Where Would You Spend Your Ideal Birthday Celebration?

  1. At a big party… with all of my closest friends!
  2. Traveling the world… from country to country!
  3. At an excellent restaurant… with epic food dishes!
  4. At a great concert… listening to awesome music!

What Is Your Favorite Day of the Week?

  1. Every day of the week… they’re all great!
  2. Sunday… it’s great to relax with a good book!
  3. Saturday… that’s when I watch all of my favorite tv shows!
  4. Friday night… a happy start to the weekend!

How fun was that quiz? Now, let’s take a look at your score, and see which member of The Prize Patrol you’re most similar to…:

If you got mostly A’s… you’re most similar to Danielle!
You’re generous and caring… and love to have a good time!

If you got mostly B’s… you’re most similar to Dave!
You’re thoughtful and enthusiastic… and love to make people happy!

If you got mostly C’s… you’re most similar to Todd!
You’re helpful and charismatic… and know how to make someone’s day!

If you got mostly D’s… you’re most similar to Howie!
You’re optimistic and considerate… and are always the life of the party!

So now, we’d love to hear your results… and I’m sure The Prize Patrol members would love to hear your results, too! Please tell us which member of The Prize Patrol you’re most similar to in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative



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