Waving Goodbye

Goodbye, Giveaway #6900 … Hello, Giveaway #8800!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Goodbyes are hard! But as they say, every ending is a new beginning. You see, this Friday, Giveaway #6900 is coming to an end, as we will definitely award a very lucky somebody $5,000 A Week “Forever” — $5,000 a week for their life, and after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone they choose.

But even as Giveaway #6900 rides into the sunset, there’s already a new PCH Giveaway in town – Giveaway #8800 – with lots more winning to be had … for sure! Because PCH is all about WINNING and one thing we will never do is quit giving you winning opportunities!

3 Things You Can Do Now that Giveaway #6900 Is Ending and Giveaway #8800 Is Beginning:

  1. Come up with your action plan now to enter Giveaway #8800!

If you really want to win a PCH prize – and honestly, who doesn’t? – why not start thinking about how and when you’re going to enter! After all, there are so many ways to win the PCH Sweepstakes! To begin, you can enter at your favorite online sites – like PCHsearch&Win, PCH.com games, PCH.com slots and more! See the black bar at the top of this blog with the list of sites? That’s where you should be heading right after you read this blog! Enter on your desktop, on your tablet and on your smartphone! Enter using our apps! (iphone) (android) Go “old school” and enter through the mail by responding our colorful bulletins! However you do it, enter every day in every way!

2. Get ready for award day, February 24th!

This Friday, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will be hitting the road, ready to award $5,000 A Week “Forever.” No one knows who the next winner will be – and it could even be you! The winner of Giveaway #6900 will be announced on NBC Nightly News. But why wait until then? Follow the Prize Patrol on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook as they give you clues from the road! Or, if you prefer, follow the PCHblog on the morning of February 24th, where I will have the great honor of giving you clues as to where the Prize Patrol is headed (I am so excited about this assignment!).

3. Keep the faith! If it turns out that you are not the winner of Giveaway #6900, please don’t mope! Just believe … because dreams can and DO come true and Giveaway #8800 could be your ticket to the good life you’ve always wanted!

Got it? Good! And good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s great about your hometown? After all, the Prize Patrol may be headed there on February 24th? Come back at 1 PM ET and read my colleague Russell’s fascinating blog about hometowns.

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  1. HELLO:P all the pch employee’s and head office and prize patrol team too pch ceo too everyone.

    i love to play the ceso word it fun and your game! ”i am not business around my house doing other stuff,” i play. went i am got sick times doesn’t help it hard to keep up play. i do my best to play and trying my best to win pch jackpot sweepstakes any of them!!!! “” i trying to win meet the prize patrol team and they come my home holden full dozens beautiful rose in their hand and port broad said i won golden jackpot winner million dollar or for life or 15 thousand for life or more. i am still waiting get kind of luck and lucky for my big wish and dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and See their beautiful smile at my front door. my dogs are my doorbell. lol. i try to best blogs and speech the true and hoping wishing pch made my dream come true one those days or someday. life isn’t getting any younger to for me. but i have not giving up. i hope yawl don’t wait i get to old now. i where wanted be able enjoy it. lol i really wish yawl made dream come true soon or someday. i wish and hope would made my dream be real. like said pch company message said made people dream come true!!!
    i keep tell myself hope and wish pch make my dream come true.
    good luck to all the player too. i hope you gett lucky to win too.
    good luck to everyone the pch players

    thanks you reading my blogs
    waiting show my family this is real!!!
    i want to win show dream come true!!!
    no lucky yet!!! ” play enter and waiting to win!!!!
    holden my lucky and hoping and wish!!!

  2. OK today is April 6 it’s my mothers 82 birthday she’s been having people come in to give her therapy she fell and she fractured the bottom of her spine and has to wear compression casts insurance does not cover this and I really would love to win so I could help her either come live with me and make my house accessible for her or provide the money to pay for her while she is still with us I really would love to win I could help a lot of people

  3. OK the last time I played or said anything towards my reply is the last day that I worked I’ve been sick I have pneumonia I haven’t worked I have bills to pay I’m a waitress for god sake anyway I really need to win thank you for the opportunity good luck everyone

  4. I am here at work I’ve had three tables in the last seven hours we’re getting ready to close that I do this take a chance come see me tomorrow please thank you you have my address