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Happy Thanksgiving … you’re truly our blessing!

Although we can’t join the fun
At your Thanksgiving dinner
Know that here at the Clearing House
You’re already a winner!

You’re what’s kept us all going
For our 60-plus years
Staying true to our Sweepstakes,
We’re so grateful, my dears!

We’ve paid hundreds of millions
From the East to the West,
‘Cause surprising our winners
Is what we love best.

More than Mom’s turkey gravy
And Aunt Sue’s candied “sweets”
Uncle Jim’s mashed potatoes
And Dad’s pickled beets.

Today is the day we all count up our blessings
So as you’re sipping your cider,
Or tasting the dressing
Know that YOU’RE very special
To The Clearing House crew.
You’re a true blue believer
And we love what you do.

You play our cool games
For FREE prizes and cash;
Do Search&Win searches
You could win in a flash!
So here’s a big hearty THANK YOU
To our PCH “kin.”
We wish you health, love and joy
And that you really will WIN!
Keep hoping and entering
And then enter some more
And with luck our own Prize Patrol
Could knock on your door!

Marybeth and Your PCH “Family”

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