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What To Search For This Month (November)

Welcome back, blog readers!

Oh, how I miss summer! I know that it was unbearably hot and humid at times, but I’m getting colder and colder with each passing day. I find myself typically wearing two pairs of socks just to make sure I keep all ten of my toes!

That got me thinking…what can I do to keep warm this fall (and eventually, winter!) Some of you may remember a blog post earlier in the summer with advice on how to keep cool during the hotter months…  well it’s time to back up and reverse, because with Search&Win we’re going to dive into some cozy DIYs!

No-Sew Blankets

My roommates and I love to keep cozy in our house. We don’t have a fireplace and our heating system is limited strictly to the bedrooms, so we like to bundle up in the living room and watch movies!

I wanted to make this more fun, so I looked up some patterns for blanket DIYs! Unfortunately, we don’t own a sewing machine, so some of the more complicated patterns quickly went out the window. But I stumbled upon a great no-sew pattern on Search&Win ! All you need is some fleece fabric and a pair of scissors! How easy is that?

Everyone got to pick out their favorite patterned fabric and in less than an hour, everyone had a new, personalized blanket to cuddle up with!

Microwavable Hot Pouches

After making some snuggly blankets, a couple of us had a bit of fabric left over. (I know I vastly over-estimated how much fabric I would need!) So…where better to turn than Search&Win ? I started looking for easy DIYs to make using scrap fabric.

In no time at all, I found a fun way to use up my extra fabric and keep warm! It was a little pattern for a microwavable pouch that you can use to keep warm while you’re sitting on the couch, snuggling into bed, or just for an extra touch of warmth! Though we don’t have a sewing machine, I do have a little sewing kit to fix rips and tears in clothing. Following the pattern, I sewed about a medium-sized lap pillow.

Now the choice of filling can be entirely up to you! Using Search&Win, I started scoping out some good options: something that would retain heat but not stink up when repeatedly reheated. It turns out that most forms of rice are pretty good for this task! I filled up the pouch, sewed it shut, and ta-da!

Homemade Treats!

Now that we’ve made something to cozy up with and something to keep us warm, I’m getting rather hungry, aren’t you? Fortunately, my roommates and I took a trip out to a local apple orchard this past weekend and picked an entire bag of apples! We’d eaten through a handful, but there were still so many left…what to do with them?

As many of you blog fans probably know, I’m a huge fan of cooking  and baking . So naturally, I went back to Search&Win  to find an apple-filled recipe!


deliciously spiced apple cider
credit to @alexandermils

I landed on a motherlode: hot, spiced apple cider. I felt warmer just reading the recipe! In a couple of hours, we had a bubbling and steaming pot of apple cider––who needs a candle when you have this? The house smelled amazing and we were all cozy and warm!

There were dozens of other apple-y goodies, like apple crumble cake, the classic apple pie, apple turnovers…the list went on and on!

There are so many cozy goodies to be found at Search&Win  and you’ll even be entered to win our latest SuperPrize with your first search of the day after logging on!

So, dear readers, what are you going to search for this month? Let us know in the comments below!

Warm wishes,

Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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