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What’s Your Favorite Spot to Enter the PCH Sweeps?

Greetings, fans and friends!

Entering the PCH Sweeps is so easy you could do it just about anywhere – the possibilities are endless! Why …

You could enter from your house,
You could enter with your spouse
You could do it while on lines
Or camping underneath the pines

You could enter while on break
Or while your cakes or cookies bake
You could enter on our apps
While your little baby naps

You could enter from a plane
You could enter on a train
You could enter lying in bed
Or even standing on your head!

Please don’t enter while you’re driving
Or snorkeling or scuba diving!

But if you’re at the shopping center
You can go ahead and enter
If you own or you’re a renter
While at home, of course, please enter!
Enter, enter, every day
Enter, enter, every way
And while you give it your best shot,
Tell us … what’s your favorite spot
In which to enter … let us know
Write your comment down below!

Good luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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