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14 Things You’d Love Most About Becoming Our Next PCH Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day, PCH friends!

As you’ve heard us say before, we love our fans. But we also love fans who become PCH winners! What’s not to love about giving out money and putting a smile on people’s faces?

Well, on this “day of love,” February 14th, we thought we’d come up with 14 things you’d love most about becoming our next winner!

1) Mood Adjustment

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Some people change their mood by exercising. Others meditate or pray. But if you woke up one day to a door knock from the Prize Patrol, I can guarantee you’d have a major mood adjustment that would get your heart racing!

2) Time Well Spent

Some people hear about Publishers Clearing House and think it’s a waste of time. I even see it in the comment sections – “PCH is a scam!” or “I’ll never win PCH!”. But if you became a PCH winner, you’d know for sure that it was actually time well spent!

3) Always Something To Chat About!

I was just on Prize Patrol last week with Howie, and it’s amazing how many people love chatting about Publishers Clearing House! So if YOU won, you’d always have something to talk about. A lull in the conversation with someone you just met? Tell them you’re a PCH winner! That’s definitely something people would love to hear about!

4) Peace Of Mind

There are so many uncertainties in life these days. It’s easy to slip into worry. A great antidote is financial security, and WOW, if you won the SuperPrize you’d sure have a lot of that!

5) Dreams Fulfilled!

What are some of your dreams? Wouldn’t you love it if they could become a reality? Winning big money from PCH could make a lot of things possible … things maybe you thought would never happen!

6) New Dreams Begin…

Can you imagine your ultimate dream coming true? What if it does? What comes AFTER that? That’s the sort of consideration very few people ever get to ponder, but if you were to win big from Publishers Clearing House, it would become a real possibility!

7) Spirit of Generosity

On this day of love, I often think of the different ways we can express to others how we care about them. Giving gifts or being generous is one way I’m sure we all wish we could be able to do more of, but sometimes can be tough. If you were awarded a big PCH Prize, you could finally let a true spirit of generosity take over!

8) Motivation For New Challenges!

After you’ve taken care of the things you need to do (more on that in a minute), a cash windfall from PCH means you could spend the time to better yourself! Want to learn another language but never had the time? Maybe downhill skiing is a sport you’d like to tackle? It’s only possible if you win enough to take care of your responsibilities and then take on these new challenges!

9) Faith Renewed

There is a real joy that I see whenever I interview one of our winners. It’s almost as if a part of their spirit has shifted into the positive. Maybe they entered for years and yet there was a bit of doubt … but these big winners have their faith renewed. They KNOW that something amazing can really happen!

10) Bills Paid

In number 8, I was talking about taking care of important things. We all have responsibilities, and the last thing we’d ever want to happen is to fall behind on bills or get into debt. Winning from PCH allows you to finally get those off of your back! I’m sure you’d LOVE it if that were to come true!

11) Relaxation Achievable!

Do any one of you remember AJ Jenkins, one of our $1 Million SuperPrize winners? When the Prize Patrol found her, she was working two different jobs in the same day. But when I visited her for one of our Where Are They Now segments, she had bought a new house and took an extended leave of absence from BOTH jobs!

12) Future Secured

It can be said so many ways, but having a secure future means everything in this world. Can you think of anything you’d love more than knowing that your financial future, your happiness from hereon out, is guaranteed to be looked after? Incredible.

13) Homes Won

“Home is where the heart is,” or so the saying goes. But is your heart in your home? For some people it is, which is why so many of our winners spend a good deal of their winnings on either paying off their home, renovating their house, or buying a new place to live all together!

14) Legacy Built

And lastly, I’m sure that the love you have in your heart for your family is unmeasurable. I bet your heart would burst knowing that your family was going to be taken care of after you’re gone. That’s the kind of thing that can happen when you win some of our bigger prizes at PCH!

So that’s our 14 things we think you’d love the most…on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!

If we were going to add a #15, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below!

-Matt for Publishers Clearing House

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