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Feel Good Friday: What Makes You Feel Good, PCH Fans?

Greetings, fans and friends …

… And a warm welcome to our first installment of a new PCH Blog series, “Feel Good Friday”!

What is Feel Good Friday? It’s when we at the PCH Blog share with you what makes us feel good – whether it’s a song, a quote, an adorable pet photo, an experience we’ve had, or an exciting PCH winner story.

Besides, PCH fans, it’s Friday – the end of the workweek – and that’s a great reason to feel good!

I didn’t have to think very long about what makes me feel good – the answer came to me naturally: It’s my two daughters, pictured below: Ruth (on the left) and Saralynn (on the right).

Ruth just graduated from college with a degree in theatre performance and hopes to wow audiences on Broadway someday. (Ruth also appeared in a 2016 PCH blog post, in a story about how PCH SuperPrize winner Penny Pompa’s niece happened to live two doors down from her in the dorm.) Saralynn works in Manhattan in public relations and really enjoys her job.

We’re a very close family, me, my husband and the two girls. And this pandemic has brought us even closer. I’ve enjoyed many walks around the neighborhood and quite a few great conversations with my girls. Plus, they’ve cooked me some amazing meals, which makes my tummy feel good!

Feeling good – in mind, body and spirit – is so important, especially during these unprecedented times. And PCH offers so many ways to feel good – whether you play our fun, free and fabulous games … watch videos of our incredible “winning moments” … or even, hopefully, read this blog.

So, what makes YOU feel good? This is your opportunity to tell us in the comments below. Let’s get the good vibes going … and Happy Friday!

Stay in it to win it!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I believe that for me, it is that I wake up each day. Being that it is Friday, I will carry on with my day. But trying to make it a little better than yesterday was.