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These New Emoji Games From PCH Could Make You A Millionaire!

Hey Blog Readers, I’ve got big news here that’s sure to make you smiley! PCH is introducing a brand new way to win big and score Tokens called Emoji Millions that could have you bringing home an incredible $1,000,000.00 tonight! Yes, it’s true, we’ve got all the emojis you love – like animals, sports and […]


Hi Everybody. I hope everyone is healthy and safe, tucked away in their homes. These are some crazy times – we can’t ignore it – and the days may not always seem so happy. But here’s one light at the end of the tunnel. It’s is the PCHRewards Token Prize Disbursement Event. Win today for […]

January’s Token Exchange Winners Hit It Big

Want to Win Big? Don’t Be Me! As I’ve oft stated, I’m ineligible to enter or win any PCH giveaways. So I’d like to believe there’s an alternate universe in which exists a Russell who is free to enter PCH giveaways – especially those at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. Alternate-world Russell (let’s just call him […]

December’s Token Exchange Winners Cap 2019 With A Win

More Than 620,300 Token Exchange Winners in 2019 December seemed like a perfect fit for the PCHrewards Token Exchange. While December is famous for people exchanging presents, the Token Exchange is famous for people exchanging PCH tokens for entries to prizes they really want to win. And for December’s Token Exchange winners, that was certainly […]

Token Winners Win Bigger With The PCHrewards Token Exchange

Tokens In, Entries Out, and Prizes on the Way It was an optimistic October for an overwhelming number of fans who went on the offensive by redeeming tokens at the PCHrewards Token Exchange! These opportune fans redeemed an optimal number of tokens and were overjoyed to find that the outcome was an outstanding win. Exchange. […]


Has anyone been to the new PCHrewards Token Exchange recently? If you have, I’m sure you noticed its fresh coat of paint. If not, well, you should check out its fresh new look! But the new PCHrewards Token Exchange is far more than just a pretty face. It has a clean more user-friendly interface that […]