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Happy New Year from PCH! Let the Winning Begin!

The old year is done
A new one beginning
So many have won; make this your year for winning!
More Prize Patrol visits with “Big Checks” galore
(Stay tuned to this “station” to see what’s in store).
Like a Guaranteed Prize of riches “Forever”
It’s coming up soon — enter NOW if you’re clever!

Our family of winners just gets bigger each year
To find out HOW big, I suggest you click here
A Million Bucks was delivered  just a week back or more
And 2.5 Million a few weeks before!
And just a month before that, Douglas B. won “Forever;
Put that in the pipes of the ones who say “Never.”
As in “you’ll never win,” but I know you won’t listen,
‘Cause you’ve got a dream that they can’t stop with “dissin’.”

PCH loot for the winning — every hour, day and minute
Don’t YOU want your share?
Well, you’ve got to be “in it”!
Come and play our cool games,
Do Web searches right here.
Visit Frontpage and Lotto and Facebook, my dears.

Use all ways you can enter … all your chances to WIN —
New Year’s Day is tomorrow — a great time to begin!
Our Prize Patrol’s geared up to travel again
With $5,000 A Week “Forever,”  my friends.
I hope I’ve inspired you – don’t give up, stay true blue!
Because here at The Clearing House, we still make dreams come true.

A Happy, Healthy New Year from Our House to Yours!





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