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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom — from Our House to yours!

You sang them to sleep and bandaged their knees.
Went without so they wouldn’t, taught them “thank you” and “please.”
Gave them the nerve when they wanted to quit,
Held their hands when the doc said,
“This won’t hurt a bit.”
Cheered at the games, clapped at the plays,
Kissed each one goodnight at the end of each day.
We salute you, dear Moms, on this 12th Day of May
(All you Grandmothers too, I hasten to say!).
Let the kids make a fuss, take you out, buy you flowers —
Make you queen for a day (only 24 hours!).
But to us: You’re like royalty all the year through.
Take a Mother’s Day chance to make dreams come true,
And enter and enter as much as you can,
And keep an eye out for our Prize Patrol Van,
’Cause who deserves winning more than you do?
Miracles happen — let one happen to you!

Have a happy, healthy, loved-filled Mother’s Day!

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