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Top 10 Trips You Could Take If You Won $5,000 A Week For Life!

As you know, someone is definitely, positively, absolutely going to WIN a huge $5,000 A Week For Life Publishers Clearing House prize very soon. And assuming you’ve been entering so you’re “in it to win it,” YOU could become our next lifetime winner. With $5,000 rolling in every week for the rest of your life, you’d have the money to splurge on the most outrageous vacation you could imagine.

Here are OUR ideas for your Top Ten $5,000 A Week For Life Trips:

NUMBER 1: Explore the splendors of Europe!

Drift down Venice’s Grand Canal in a gilded gondola … sip café au lait at a romantic Parisian café off the Champs-Élysées … buy extravagant treasures at Harrods, London’s legendary department store. The wonders of Europe would await you if you won our guaranteed $5,000 A Week For Life prize!

NUMBER 2: Set sail on a First Class world cruise!

As a PCH $5,000 A Week For Life winner, you could “cruise” to wherever you please, enjoying the fanciest suite on the ship, complete with the services of a private concierge!

NUMBER 3: Join the party at events you’ve always wanted to see!

Germany’s Oktoberfest … New Year’s Eve in Times Square … Carnival
in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro … Albuquerque N.M.’s dazzling Balloon Festival — jump in the line at the world’s biggest annual bashes if the PCH Prize Patrol pays you a visit next month!

NUMBER 4: Take a “specialty vacation” catered to your personal interests!

How about a food and wine tour of Europe … “teeing-off” on a worldwide golf vacation … or touring the on-location film sites of Hollywood movie classics? The winner could have a $5,000 A Week For Life vacation custom-designed to his or her “passion.”

NUMBER 5: Go back to your “roots” and trace your family’s history!

Find your grandma’s village in Ireland … your great-grandfather’s farm in South Dakota … your Mom’s siblings in Trinidad. Take the whole family along on a journey of personal discovery, wherever that might take you. It’s possible, if you enter and win our tremendous PCH guaranteed lifetime prize in weeks. No “can we afford it” worries either.

NUMBER 6: Go “glamping,” and explore nature’s wonders in comfort!

Take in America’s amber waves of grain and purple mountains’ majesty on a “glamping” (glamorous camping) vacation! No leaking tents or mosquito-slapping for PCH’s guaranteed $5,000 A Week For Life winner — just camping in style, with no hassle, work or discomfort.

NUMBER 7: Stay in a castle and feel like royalty!

Hey, anyone can stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast — but a PCH winner deserves the royal treatment. You and your family can stay in beautiful honest-to-goodness castles, swaddled in luxury with history all around, if our Prize Patrol pays you a visit on August 30th!

NUMBER 8: Escape to your own private island!

If you win, your $260,000.00 annual “salary” can whisk you away from the hustle and crowds of an ordinary resort to your personal island paradise, where the only thing you’ll hear is the wind through the palms and the waves at the shore.

NUMBER 9: See the world from the window of a luxury train!

NUMBER 10: Experience the beauty and antiquities of Asia!

Imagine taking the whole gang to India’s Taj Mahal, China’s Great Wall and Bali’s tropical paradise — Asia’s most wondrous treasures! If you win on August 30th, you could drink it in on your own private tour, staying in 5-star hotels and sampling each country’s delicious cuisine.

Do any or all of our Top Ten Trips ring your chimes? TELL US in the “comments” section below!

And if you have any of your own ideas for the Top 10 Trips You Could Take If You Won Our guaranteed 5,000.00 A Week For Life Prize, share them with the rest of us — we really and truly love your comments on our Blogs!

But business first: promise me that you’re going to enter to WIN this amazing prize every day — right up until the last second we can accept entries. Remember: this is NOT a special early look event — this $5,000 A Week For Life Prize is guaranteed to be awarded in weeks. Take the advice of Crystal Crawford, who won another huge lifetime prize only months ago: “Keep entering and keep the faith!”

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you — and no excuses!


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  1. I would love to win any prize from publisher clearing House and I’ll make that promise I will make my entries up until the final countdown sincerely Cheryl B. from Missouri love you PCH so much fun always something exciting to do