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#WinnerWednesday: Celebrate PCH Winners on National Avocado Day!

Greetings, fans and fans!

Happy #WinnerWednesday and … happy and happy National Avocado Day!

Yes, a quick search on PCHSearch&Win revealed that today, July 31, is National Avocado Day, and I must admit, while I love to eat any and every kind of food, I’m not crazy about avocados. How about you?  

What I do know is that avocados are versatile – you can use them in everything from smoothies to salads, from salsas to soups. And PCH winners are versatile too! They might start their mornings by reading the latest headlines on PCHfrontpage … spend their lunch hours playing our fun and free scratch cards at PCH Games … and perhaps end the day relaxing on the couch while entering the PCH Sweeps the “classic” way – through our colorful bulletins.

There are so many ways to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes … so many Publishers Clearing House prizes to win… AND so many Publishers Clearing House winners! And let’s meet one smaller PCH prize winner right now:

Shannon S. recently commented here on the blog that she enters on every possible site – PCHlotto, PCHfrontpage, PCHsearch&win, every opportunity available on the PCH fan page on Facebook, PCH games, and both the PCH and PCHlotto apps. And her persistence paid off – she won a $50 Amazon gift card and then, two weeks later, a $50 Bass Pro card.

Shannon writes, “I know I spend 4 or more hours a day on playing games and entering. I love racking up tokens, and I try to earn about 2.5 million tokens a day. I save them up and use them all on trying to win a car.”

Shannon also works in her PCH time while she works out! “I try to walk 5 miles a day on my treadmill and I walk and play my PCH,” she explains, adding. “I’m going to win big one day; I’m just waiting on the Prize Patrol to come knock on my door. Thank you, PCH, for changing lives every day – come change mine. I’m in it to win it. I won 2 small prizes, so now I’m just waiting for the big one.”

Shannon’s advice to all of you is simple: “For all who get discouraged, keep playing!”

Holy guacamole, fans and friends, are you ready to join the PCH winners’ circle just like Shannon? Then be like the versatile avocado and enter every day in every way! Because winning a PCH prize is definitely not the pits!!!

Again, Happy National Avocado Day!

Good Luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

PS Are you dreaming about the PCH van stopping in front of your house? Then come back to the blog this afternoon for a “van-tastic” post by my pal Russell!

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