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What Do PCH Winners Have in Common?

Greetings, fans and friends,

What do PCH winners have in common?

Let’s play a game of true or false!

True or False: PCH only awards prizes to “old” people.

True or False: Publishers Clearing House winners only live in houses, and not apartments.

True or False: PCH only gives away prizes to people who live in a certain part of the country.

I hope you’ve answered FALSE to all of these statements, because Publishers Clearing House winners are chosen entirely at random. How old a winner is … what type of residence the winner lives in … and what part of the country the winner calls home – it’s all the luck of the draw. PCH prize winners are of all ages, races and religions and come from all walks of life. When PCH awards a prize – whether it’s $5 or $5,000 A Week “Forever,” we don’t know who the winner will be.

But let’s get back to the question: What do PCH winners have in common?

There IS an answer to this question, and it may surprise you:

PCH winners all entered to win.

It may sound obvious, but you need to enter in order to win. Fortunately, there are so many ways to enter to win PCH – from entering on the PCH App … to playing our fun and free online games … to entering via our colorful bulletins you may receive in the mail. A super-easy way to enter to win PCH is staring you in the face right now – simply click on the “Enter Now” button on this blog page to get in to win (all I ask is that you finish reading this blog!).

You see, friends and fans, it doesn’t matter what state your live in, what decade you were born in, or what kind of space you dwell in … as long as you enter to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, then you have something in common with each and every PCH winner.

Best of luck!
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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