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Now It’s YOUR Turn To Interview A “Forever” Prize Winner!

Do you remember last month when we had recent “Forever” Prize winner Crystal Crawford visit our PCH headquarters? We wrote about it a few times, and told you how Crystal brought almost her entire family, including her sons and niece. It’s great that she was able to show the younger generation where the prize came […]

Crystal Crawford’s PCH winner’s visit made us all SO happy!

Guys, I’m very lucky to have worked at Publishers Clearing House for a long, LONG time. I love the people here, I enjoy the work I do — and I’m especially thrilled to write these blogs, hoping that I’ll get people to enter and hopefully become WINNERS. But my absolute FAVORITE thing about being a […]

Follow Up with Our Newest “Forever” Prize Winner!

When Crystal Crawford got up that morning, she didn’t think much was different about her day. She left her older son at home and walked down the street to her job in New York City. Little did she know, just a 30-minute drive away, the PCH Prize Patrol was getting ready to leave their headquarters […]

The Top 5 Dreams Fulfilled For “Forever” Prize Winners!

Everyone has a dream, right? But do dreams come true? For some of our “Forever” Prize winners, they absolutely do! So today, we thought we’d do a countdown of our Top 5 Dreams Fulfilled for our PCH “Forever” Prize winners! Our “Forever” prize is a weekly payment that goes on for the life of a […]