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Congrats August Token Exchange Winners!

Hello everyone, How was your August? I hope it was full of summer fun! Good times with friends and family, hanging out outside, soaking up the sun! August was definitely a good month for these special PCH fans! They traded their tokens for chances to win exciting prizes at the PCH Token Exchange, and they […]

So Many July PCH Token Exchange Winners!

Hey, PCH fans! Summer is heating up! And so are our prizes! On the PCH Token Exchange there’s new winners every day! As we get closer to awarding a millionaire-making SuperPrize on Aug. 31, let’s look back at July’s Token Exchange Winners. These people are from all over, but they have one thing in common. […]

Token Redemption Leads to Rewards for the September PCHrewards Token Exchange Winners

Eruit, Ingressus, Vici (Translation: They Redeemed, They Entered, They Won!) September was a robust month in winning! Some picked up trophies at the 71st Emmy Awards and others that picked up future voters during the presidential debates. And, of course, the spirits of parents all across the country were lifted when the kids went back […]

Are You Making the Most of Your PCH Tokens?

See Who Won What in August With the PCHrewards Token Exchange!!! Publishers Clearing House is all about winning! And one of the ways more people get in on the winning every month is with the PCHrewards Token Exchange. In case you’re not already familiar with the Token Exchange, it’s an ever-changing gallery of giveaways that […]

August Token Exchange Winners Entered To Win … AND WON!

Happy Monday, friends and fans! We are already a third of the way through September, and hopefully, the temperatures will start cooling down any moment now (as I write this, I’m sitting directly next to an air conditioner). But one thing that definitely won’t be cooling down is the number of winners at PCH! Our […]

March Mania! See What Our March Token Exchange Winners Won!

Happy Friday the 13th! While some people will tell you it’s an unlucky day, here at PCH, we make winners every single day, so I have a hard time believing today’s cursed with misfortune. In fact, I’m here to tell you about people who have recently had a stroke of good luck: our March Token […]